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by Jacqui Hurd on January 29, 2010 · 0 comments

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While we have all read the headlines about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, it can often be hard to put a human face on the disaster. Even in the legal community, there are law firms and their staff that have been heavily impacted. LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell has nine law firms in Haiti as our customers. We have reached out to them to ask if we can be of any assistance in letting the legal community know if they are okay and are still operating their business.

Below are responses from three of our law firm customers that give a glimpse of the difficulties that they are currently facing:

We are truly grateful for your kind words and your generous offer. Fortunately many of our immediate families are safe but we did lose some staff and relatives in the earthquake. Our office suffered some damages but this is of lesser importance compared to the Human toll we have taken. Although we are striving to resume work, we had to halt for a while to honor those fallen, assist those in need and to care for our respective families.

We plan to fully resume work this coming Monday and we would appreciate the posting in the site and network to that effect. As you have guessed, none of the phone numbers work but I am listing all of our working cell phone numbers which can be posted to our account and in the post:

Gary Lissade: 509-3454-7815 / 509-3558-6212 / 509-3725-7989
Salim Succar: 509-3452-2287 / 509-3558-8365


Louis Gary Lissade
Cabinet Lissade
Lissade Law Firm
8, rue Louissaint, Bourdon
Port-au-Prince, Haiti HT6111

Thank God we are alive and our law firm is still operational. However, some lawyers in our firm have lost their houses. Most of them are temporarily lodged at the office. Many lawyers in Port-au-Prince Bar Association are victims. We would like to help them. Our law firm is ready to receive any aid to distribute it to our colleagues.

As proposed you can post a message informing our law firm is operational, the mailing address is the same.

Thank you for your help
Sincerely yours,
Cabinet Patrick Laurent et Associés
105, Ave Lamatiniere ( Bois Verna )
Tel: (509) 3 558-9095 / 2 244-9873

Sibylle Théard Mevs of Théard & Associés tell us that after a few days of restoring electricity and communications to their firm, Théard & Associés is fully operational.

Théard & Associés
31 avenue Charles Sumner
Port-au-Prince, HT-6113

LexisNexis employees are also raising funds to help Haiti and LexisNexis is matching employee contributions to help in the efforts. To date, as a company we have raised over US$150,000 in donations which has been distributed to various relief organizations.

We are continuing to reach out to our remaining customers and will provide updates as we hear from them and share their stories.

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