Martindale-Hubbell Connected Passes the 9,000 Member Mark

by Mike Mintz on June 26, 2009 · 0 comments

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We are on our way!  This week the Martindale-Hubbell Connected community passed the 9,000 member mark, impressive growth from our 2,000 attorneys at Beta launch in March, 2009.  Our goal now is to boost member engagement.
I encourage the following activities for every member to get more out of the network:
  1. Build your network by connecting with everyone you know already in Connected
  2. Invite colleagues who are not yet in the community, and follow up with an email to make sure they got the invite, explaining some of the benefits you see for them in joining
  3. Find Connected members don’t know, who share similar professional challenges and goals with you, and invite them to connect.  These may be people in the same groups as your or who responded to a discussion thread you are following.
  4. Join a group that interests you and post comments on some of the content there
  5. Start blogging on your profile.  This can be as simple as posting a paragraph each week about your thoughts on a legal topic.  You’d be amazed at how helpful it can be to voice your insights and have others comment on them

The point is that this community can be whatever we want it to be.  That is the benefit of being on a rapidly growing network of legal professionals: you have visibility here that doesn’t exist elsewhere.  Take the opportunity to emerge as a thought leader and shine among your peers.

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