Martindale-Hubbell Connected – New Registration Workflow Launches

by Jon Lin on June 9, 2009 · 0 comments


About three months ago, I responded to reports of difficulties our users were encountering when trying to join Martindale-Hubbell Connected, and how fixing them was our highest priority.  We quickly made some minor adjustments to the user interface and messaging, as well as increased backend resources to assist in manually validating users.  I’m pleased to report that for many users requiring manual validation, we’ve been able to reduce our response times to as little as 1 business day.  The number of customer service inquiries and tweets about our registration process have also dropped significantly, despite accelerated membership growth since then.
Last night, we took the next big step in fixing the issue by launching a completely revamped authentication process.  Great efforts were made to simplify the workflow for the user, increase the system intelligence to reduce the number of users requiring manual validation, and communicate in language that our users can understand easily.  For example, a lawyer who is a Martindale-Hubbell subscriber can join Connected in a few as 2 steps, compared to the five steps it took under the old registration process.
Will the new registration process be totally free of problems?  Probably not.  The workflow needed to accommodate literally thousands of different paths and permutations and I’m sure we missed something along the way.  Again, when this happens, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or @jonlin98 on Twitter and I will make sure that each case is investigated and resolved.

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