Martindale-Hubbell Connected – How I made 75 connections in 3 clicks

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At the end of last year we have released a new feature to Martindale Hubbell Connected’s ‘People You May Know’ section: the ability to add connections based on membership in mutual Connected groups (you need to be a Connected member to see this page).

‘People You May Know’ area in Connected allows you to connect with people listed on’s and Connected, with which you have worked, studied or worked on a case together, etc. You may have seen this feature on Facebook or LinkedIn, suggesting you to connect with different people with which a certain degree of connection has been identified. Connected’s pool of suggested connections consists of more than 45,000,000 potential connections, all driven from the legal world.

People You May Know

What I love so much about the new ‘Groups’ suggested Connection is that it allows you to connect with people from all groups you are a member of, ¬†that have expressed a certain interest, or that belong to same organization as you, in one go. Needless to say, this is a very powerful tool that allows you to expand your reach of network and still keep it relevant.

1) You can filter for the specific group with members of which you’d like to connect


2) You can select specific individuals or select all suggested connections from that group in one click. Each group list includes a list of up to 25 members, next time you visit the site, you will see 25 new suggested connections – the list keeps refreshing.

Invite all suggested group members in one go, or one by one

3) You can customize your message or use our default messaging. I always recommend writing a personal note, even if you are sending to a bulk of group members, as it increases the odds your invite will be warmly accepted

a personal note

I invite you to try the Groups Suggested Connections feature to expand your network quickly, easily to find relevant and useful suggested connections.

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