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If you have been following our @MHTweets account on Twitter, you have probably had a chance by now to hear about our monthly Connected events, where we host numerous experts on a specific topic, to discuss their subject matter of expertise, either via blogging, forum discussions or a webinar.

If you have not heard or participated in such an event before, let me give you a flavor of what’s a Connected event: You can think about an event as a mini conference – focusing on a specific topic, it offers ‘panelists’ in the form of guest bloggers and webinar panelists, a ‘main event’ in the shape of a webinar, both of which automatically bring up lively discussions about the topic. Each Event is hosted in a specific Connected Group, where the discussions, blogs and webinar keep on living after the event has resumed.

Since July last year we have been dedicating each month to a specific event, some of the events we discussed: Social Media Policy and how to set it up in your organization ; NAWL 2009 survey results; Inside/Outside counsel relationship; how Social Media changed the way lawyers do business; Legal Marketing and Navigating Social Media ethical pitfalls and the current event, What In House Counsel Want.  Some of the upcoming events are Standardizing Litigation Guidelines: A Case Study from the Insurance Industry and International Expansion, stay tuned for details.

We heard great feedback on these events and would like to create more that suit your interests – we want to hear from you which topics should be discussed more. If you have any idea or a suggestions for different event topics, please contact Rory, Mike or me.

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