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by Manish Bhargava on August 9, 2010 · 1 comment

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Martindale-Hubbell Career CenterDid you know there are close to 600 employers registered on Martindale-Hubbell Career Center who are posting legal jobs on a regular basis? How can you keep track of all those postings? Ofcourse one way to stay abreast  is for you to bookmark Martindale-Hubbell Career Center and keep checking it for latest legal job postings. You will additionally get access to other wealth of information like latest legal news, career guidance from Lexis Hub,  interviews, featured careers and more. But if you are interested in only legal job postings you can now see them from any application that accepts Twitter feed (like Tweetdeck for example) or go to

You can follow Martindale-Hubbell Career Center on Twitter @ #MHCareers. If you are a Facebook junkie like me, you can also ‘like’ the new Martindale-Hubbell Career Center facebook page and get postings right at your facebook landing page.

So go ahead and find your next adventure by liking our facebook page or by following us on Twitter. Let us know what you think!

Are you a law firm looking to hire someone? Want to post a legal job? Visit us on Martindale-Hubbell Career Center.

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