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Lexis for Microsoft Office was announced with great fanfare back in February at LegalTechMike Mintz provided a sneak peek of the new product.  Since then, Microsoft has officially released Office 2010 to both businesses and to retail customers and LexisNexis recently announced the general availability of Lexis for Microsoft Office to customers.

Most of the attention around Lexis for Microsoft Office centers around how easy it is to perform legal research right within Outlook, Word, and other Microsoft applications that lawyers spend a lot of their time in, without having to go to  However, through the Lexis for Microsoft Office plugin, users can also find about more information about a lawyer or a law firm name that appears in a document or an email through a few clicks.  And where does this detailed information about lawyers and law firms come from?  Martindale-Hubbell of course!

To see how this works, I imagine you receive the following email in Outlook about a case that you are working on.  Lexis for Microsoft Office analyzes the email and then highlights the entities that it is able to match in the LexisNexis database.

Among the entities it recognizes in this email is the Regina Young.  If the user wants to find out more about who Regina is by clicking on her name, a new pane opens in Outlook displaying her profile information powered by Martindale-Hubbell.

Lexis for Microsoft Office displays information on all lawyers and law firms in our database.  However, we are able to display deeper and richer content for Martindale-Hubbell customers, allowing them to represent themselves with their best foot forward in front of clients and prospects.

This integration is consistent with our strategy to syndicate our customers’ content as broadly as possible, whether it be traditional profile information or a thought leadership article written by the lawyer.  Lexis for Microsoft is the first step, but soon we will be opening up our data “vault” to developers which will proliferate our customers information all over the web.  Martindale-Hubbell has not been about the books for a few years now, but pretty soon, it may not even be about our sites at and either!

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