Martindale-Hubbell Connected hitting 15,000 members!

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Last week Martindale-Hubbell Connected hit 15,000 members. Witnessing the spectacular growth in membership in past few months since site formally launched on 31st March this year has been extremely rewarding. We have seen much online and offline discussion with the legal community about core offerings and processes of the site, such as Registration and Community Structure, discussions that brought the site some interesting changes. After much dialogue with the community – whether through usability testing and focus groups or through various social media sites – we have made some fundamental changes to registration process that have contributed to this success.

With the site’s growth, we have still made sure confidential spaces are maintained, allowing users to converse with the confidence that their content is viewed only by those they approve. This corresponds with some of the site’s popular activity. Looking at what do Martindale-Hubbell Connected members enjoy most of on the site, it seems like Groups, and specifically Private and Confidential Groups, are getting most attention and usage. Ensuring our members have the ability to create confidential, secured and protected spaces, that can be used to converse freely with peers and colleagues, was a key concept from the get go and is still proving to be a solid ground on which a community develops. There are 3 types of Groups offered in Connected:

  • Public – where content is free to be viewed by all, members can join freely and it is available for search;
  • Private – where only members approved by the group owner can view the content and members of the group. Group is visible on group directory;
  • Confidential – only members who are invited to the group can see it and know about its existence, it is not available on the directory nor can it be searched.


There are several ways to use Martindale-Hubbell Connected groups to build and enhance your career and network:

  1. Join existing Groups: Area of Practice, Association, Geography based, Industry based, legal management, law schools, etc.  – it’s your choice. There are currently more than 450 different groups to choose from.  Browse through the different groups under a specific category of your choice, to find the right group for you.
  2. Create and Lead a group in an area or topic where you’d like to make your footprint. If you have not found an already existing group that matches your interest  why not create and lead one?
  3. Subscribe to group notifications to keep yourself in the loop. To make sure you are on top of all discussions, and to save yourself time checking the group to see what’s new, make sure you are subscribed to notifications and remember you can always unsubscribe if you find notifications don’t work for you.
  4. Connect with Group members – as soon as you joined, have a look at the members page to see if any of your connections is already a member, and use the opportunity to create new connections as group interaction in the group blog and forum develops.

Martindale-Hubbell Connected Groups is one of the strongest tools to enhance your connections and share your knowledge and expertise with others.  Now with 15,000 members in Connected, this is the perfect time to use this tool to strengthen, enhance and build your network further.

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