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by Amy Kaplan on September 5, 2008 · 1 comment

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If you could spend just 3 hours marketing your law firm, what would you do first? A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for LexisNexis indicated that small law firms spend about 8 percent of their time on marketing and business development – that’s about 3 hours a week. (Assuming a 40-hour week. Stop laughing.)

LexisNexis recently presented a free 45-minute webinar “Effectively Market Your Practice: From Campaigns to Customers” Even if you missed the webinar, you can see the presentation here:

You’ll learn:

  • How successful professionals are maximizing their exposure to potential clients: Includes a case study of a medical professional whose marketing strategy integrates a variety of online tactics, with suggestions for applying the same strategy to your law firm.
  • How a carefully balanced marketing program can improve potential customers’ perception of your credibility and influence their hiring decisions.
  • How much other law firms spend on marketing, and which opportunities they find deliver the best ROI.
  • How to use search placement to build your firm’s brand and reputation and gain new clients.
  • How to leverage vertical search engines such the one found on to drive maximum traffic to your Web site.

What is working well for your law firm or solo practice? Tell your success story here.

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Tyme wrote onJanuary 29, 2009 at 7:41 pm

For one of my clients, I produced (shot & edited) 10 educational videos, on various law topics — each delivered by one of the firm’s attorneys who “specialize” in that area. All were shot in one day, with attorneys cycling in when they got a break. Very unobtrusive production; very effective marketing tool. Although the video quality is high (“broadcast quality”), the target was the firm’s website, blogs, and YouTube. I created a branded YouTube Channel for them, chocked it full of keywords and law firm details, and set it loose. The videos (only a couple months new) continue to build momentum, and continue to be syndicated to more and more websites — so other sites promote the client for free. Small firms should NOT rule out video. Websites are hungry for syndicated content. It can be done cost-effectively. (The above referenced series was completed for less than $2,000.) Seek out an experienced freelance multimedia specialist (rather than an agency), who tend to have lower overhead and will be more attentive to your needs. [I own my equipment, so I am able to offer better rates.] Just be sure that the person you use is well familiar with the Web. It is important that the videos be produced and shot with Web exposure clearly in mind. Tyme Multimedia Specialist


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