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by Mike Mintz on August 3, 2009 · 0 comments

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focusAs our network passes the 12,500 mark we continue to look for new and exciting ways to engage.  This summer we have been doing something called “Social Media Solutions,” a two-month theme with a dual focus: “building your career with social networking tools,” and “creating and implementing social media policies.”

Building Your Career with Social Networking Tools – the announcement of the LN Lend-a-Hand program inspired this theme.  For anyone who doesn’t know, LN Lend-a-Hand helps lawyers in transition with free marketing services and a way to help redefine their personal brand.  We have now taken that a step further in Martindale-Hubbell Connected to include general career development.  Our hope is that all lawyers can benefit from sharing career development experiences, especially given the access to information and potential relationships that tools like Connected enable.

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Implementing Social Media Policies – this is part-two of our social media policy theme.  Last month we ran a very successful theme week around “creating social media policies,” which culminated in a a webinar on the subject by Connected members and experts James S. Wong, VP of Chinney Capital, Melanie Green, CMO at Baker Daniels, and Howard Greenstein, consultant for the Harbrooke Group.  Connected members can listen to the webinar here and view the power point slides here.  Starting August 15, we will be hosting guest bloggers, special forum discussions, and a second webinar about implementation featuring social media star and Connected member Nancy White, and others (members can search for Nancy’s profile in the community).

Revolutionary Law - our September theme focuses on the current and future evolution of the law.  Our content and event focuses will be on the subjects of the increasing value and emphasis on diversity in the law, the fight for legal privilege for in-house lawyers in the EU, and the practice areas that will change how we do things in the near future including Environmental and Energy Law, Elder Law, Interactive Entertainment Law, Family Law, Labor Law, and others.  This all happens in conjunction with the ABA’s exciting new program Legal Rebels lead by Connected member (and legal rebel himself whether he admits it or not) Edward Adams (members can find Ed’s profile in the community).

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