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What is the best way to market a law firm?


Everyone and anyone involved in law firm marketing asks this question at some point, from lawyers, to the marketers they hire and even the members of the Connected community.

Markets differ across the globe and opinions change almost daily, so there is no definitive answer. However there are many viewpoints and this collection of podcastscontains the opinions from a number of experts across LexisNexis.

In three episodes of the Connected Lawcast, we talked with some of the key people involved in the LexisNexis® Ultimate Marketing Makeover Contest – the winners of which received over $50,000 worth of legal marketing expertise.

Here are some of the questions these Lawcasts answered:

  • Which are the most effective online marketing tools available to law firms?
  • What were the major marketing issues small law firms are facing?
  • With social media and other resources available freely. Are law firm profiles and directory products still relevant?
  • When most law firms have a person responsible for marketing, is it necessary to hire a law firm marketing expert?

It’s all part of the Legal Marketing theme month in Connected, happening throughout July, 2011, focusing on a number of topics of areas of interest to law firm online marketers including ratings, profiles, social media, Search Engine Optimisation, website development and more.

What are the most effective online marketing tools available to small law firms?

David Palmieri, Vice President and Managing Director of Marketing and Consumer Solutions at LexisNexis provides his views on the most effective online marketing tools available and the value small law firms can receive with a legal marketing makeover expert. Dave has more than a decade of experience in web-based businesses in information services, e-commerce, and online software.

Here are couple of David’s posts from the Martindale Blog and a way to network with him in the Connected community:

Find out what David says about the smart way to market your small law firm.

Are Profiles and Directory products still relevant to small law firms?

In this episode of the Connected Lawcast we speak with Len Gilbert, Vice President, Promotional Solutions for LexisNexis.

Len tells us his views on LinkedIn and other social media and whether law firm profiles and directory products are still relevant. Appreciating that lawyers are often very busy, Len provides some practical tips lawyers seeking to get the most out of their marketing investment. Len is responsible for strategy and execution of LexisNexis client development products and services created to serve the legal community.

Listen to Len’s point of view on how to raise you own profile online and promote your law firm. You can connect with Len by clicking here.

Useful tips for small law firm marketing success

Listen to some practical tips by Therese O’Brian, Director and Retention Champion at LexisNexis. For the LexisNexis Legal Marketing Makeover competition, Therese was Project Manager, working with the Makeover team as well as the web designers, writers and SEO specialists to ensure the timely and effective delivery of all products included in their prize.  Therese shares a number of useful tips small law firms should bear in mind when developing and delivering their marketing plan.

Get all of Therese’s tips and connect with her on Connected.

Bonus Lawcasts: How to Fight Unconscious Bias in the Legal Industry


The next two lawcasts have almost nothing to do with legal marketing, other than the fact they are part of a concurrent theme week in Connected focused on the National Association of Women Lawyers (“NAWL”) fight for gender equality in the legal industry. A primary way NAWL is changing the game is with their NAWL Challenge and Annual Survey.

The NAWL Challenge was first issued in 2006 with the goal of having women account for 30% equity partnership (currently still at 15%), chief legal officers (currently at 17%), and tenured law professors by the year 2015. With four years to go there is still lots to be done.


Heather Giordanella NAWL President 2011 to 2012

Heather Giordanella NAWL President 2011 to 2012

NAWL president 2010 to 2011

Dorian Denburg, NAWL President 2010 to 2011


We caught up with both the current (2010 to 2011) and incoming (2011 to 2012) presidents of NAWL and recorded podcasts with each of them.  The discussions focused on unconscious bias, the NAWL Challenge, and how women lawyers are going to change the game.

  • Dorian Denburg, General Attorney for AT&T and the current (2010 to 2011) NAWL President. Find out what Dorian has done to see gains in the NAWL Challenge.
  • Heather Giordanella, Counsel at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP and the incoming (2011 to 2012) NAWL President. Click to listen to Heather’s plan for meeting the NAWL Challenge

Join our online theme week to find out what women lawyers are doing to BREAK THE BOYS CLUB in law firms and legal departments.

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