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by Nigel Roberts on March 17, 2010 · 2 comments

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Lou with ABA Center for Human Rights Chair, Walter White Jr.

Lou with ABA Center for Human Rights Chair, Walter White Jr.

By Nigel Roberts, Director Global Associations, LexisNexis Group

LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell veteran Lou Duffy was recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) for his long lasting contribution to the legal profession, during the ABA MidYear Meeting in Orlando, Feb 2010.

The recognition was provided at the ABA Center for Human Rights luncheon attended by 100 or so lawyers from the ABA leadership, many of whom are long time friends of Lou. In a career with LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell spanning over 50 years, Lou has made an impression on many, many individuals. Walter White Jr. Chair of the Center and a partner in the law firm of McGuireWoods in London was very generous in this most deserved recognition of Lou, and of LexisNexis, with specific acknowledgement for Andy Prozes, for his leadership and support for the Rule of Law and Human Rights.

The Louis F. Duffy Scholarship, established by LexisNexis in partnership with the International Bar Association (IBA) to memorialize Lou’s service and dedication, and for his positive influence on countless lawyers around the world, was highlighted during the remarks. LexisNexis provides the funding for the scholarships, for lawyers from developing countries who need and qualify for financial assistance to allow them to participate in the IBA Distance Learning Program, a collaborative effort between the IBA and the College of Law of England & Wales. It offers an International Practice Diploma Program on various topics, including two courses relating to Human Rights Law and Practice and Human Rights and Criminal Procedure.

Over $30,000 has been awarded to date, and in 2009, twelve scholarships were awarded to lawyers from the Sudan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Iran, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan and India. During the luncheon remarks, Walter White Jr. pledged a minimum contribution of $5,000 towards the scholarships from friends and colleagues in the ABA.

This was a very special moment for a very special person. Andy Prozes, Henry Horbaczewski, Ken Thompson, Dawn Conway, Dianne Callahan and Nigel Roberts attended from LexisNexis to honor this wonderful individual.

To view excerpts of Lou’s comments, click here: http://www.abanow.org/2010/02/lexisnexis-martindale-hubbell-support-for-human-rights-and-world-peace-through-law/

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Hi Victor,

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