LexisNexis Introduces EZLaw.com, Pairing Consumers with A Qualified Attorney to Create Estate Planning Documents Online

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One surprising fact to many, myself included, is that millions of people (35% of Americans, according to a 2009 LexisNexis study) report NOT having a will — leaving many of their rights and the interests of their families unprotected.  (It’s likely no surprise at all to attorneys who practice Estate Law!) Yet of course wills, living wills and powers of attorney are some of the most important documents people, especially families, will create in their lifetimes. Famous court battles over estates among the rich and famous may draw big headlines, but for the average consumer, procrastination seems to get in the way of getting their estate in order.  Couple inertia with uncertainty about how to get started, perceived high costs and you can begin to understand why so many leave things to chance.

We at LexisNexis set out to address a need in the marketplace with the launch in May of EZLaw.com, a first of its kind service. We want to make it easier for people to create wills, living wills and powers of attorney. But we also want to ensure these documents are valid and successfully completed, and want to be sure we leverage our extensive base of attorney clients and their expertise. We think our EZLaw service brings consumer and attorneys together to create an easy, straightforward transaction in which both parties benefit.

Initially available only in Pennsylvania and coming to more states soon, EZLaw enables consumers to create a last will, living will, and/or power of attorney – and have those documents reviewed by a qualified attorney – for a low, fixed, pre-set cost for each document. Attorneys who participate in our network benefit from a steady source of new business, no out-of-pocket client acquisition costs and the ability to continue the relationship with the consumer for potential other legal needs.

After a consumer completes an online questionnaire to create a will, for example, they are matched to an EZLaw attorney who will review the document and consult with the consumer by phone to finalize it. Consumers can schedule the attorney consultation as soon as they complete the online questionnaire.

We welcome inquiries from Pennsylvania estate law attorneys who want to learn more about this new service and how they can participate, Contact us at http://www.ezlaw.com/contact-us or call 877-412-3973.

We think this new service will benefit thousands of consumers and serve a true need in the marketplace. I welcome questions and comments about EZLaw at anytime, dpalmieri@lexisnexis.com

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