Lexis Advance: The Best Legal Research Tool Yet?

by Mike Mintz on December 5, 2011 · 0 comments

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Lawyers have traditionally trusted LexisNexis for its depth of information and seemingly endless content. Ease-of-use and intuitiveness, however, were not always the first words a new associate would use when learning the LexisNexis research system.

All of that is about to change.

Meet the new release of Lexis Advance, an innovative tool from LexisNexis that allows primary researchers within legal and professional organizations to easily and efficiently find more highly relevant information than ever before, helping them to do their job better.

Lexis Advance has received some positive and encouraging feedback so far:

Lexis Advance is so user-friendly and intuitive that I cannot believe that I lived without some of the functions it now offers. Lexis Advance provides a way to efficiently and effectively narrow your research and feel confident that you really have looked at everything.

Alana Jochum, Associate at Squire Sanders & Dempsey LLP

Legal Research Tools & Content

Lexis Advance offers an unmatched set of legal, news, business and analytical content that professionals trust. This important content is delivered within a single intuitive interface that includes: pre- and post-filters, folders for storing and sharing, research history, alerts and 24/7 customer support. The Lexis Advance service also includes exclusive tools, such as:

  • Integrated results from the open Web: Users can search the open Web along with content from the LexisNexis services simultaneously.
  • Workplace Carousel: A visual and intuitive carousel interface enables the user to store search history, save recent and favorite filters, access work folders, set up alerts and access customer service.
  • Legal Issue Trail: LexisNexis intelligence helps users find and cite connections between cases that may not be obvious, ensuring that research is complete.

In addition, Lexis Advance includes two exclusive visualization capabilities for its customers:

  • Research Map: A graphical depiction of prior research history that quickly helps a user visualize searches while validating the completeness of search results.
  • Shepard’s Graphical: Shows the history of citing decisions in an easy visual grid or map format so users can quickly ensure they have good law.

These tools let the primary researchers compile relevant results in a comprehensive and intuitive way that can be stored and accessed on demand.

How Much Should I Pay for Premium Legal Research?

Lexis Advance was designed with the customer in mind. There are various pricing models for all types of firms, and for customers with subscriptions to Lexis.com will be able to access and use the core functionality of Lexis Advance at no additional cost. Additionally, to celebrate the launch of Lexis Advance, the two new innovations – Research Map and Shepard’s Graphical – are to be offered to subscription customers at no additional cost for the life of their contract.

Furthermore, subscribers can search for content on Lexis Advance, even if the content searched is not part of their subscription plan. Before accessing a document outside their subscription, Lexis Advance also shows a free preview of the document and its actual price prior to ordering.  This means users can search Lexis Advance with confidence, knowing that their search activity will not result in an additional cost to their organization or in a bill-back charge to their internal or external clients.

Click here to see product videos and information about Lexis Advance.


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