Let’s Agree to Disagree: The martindale.com Connected Debates

by Joseph Walsh on May 6, 2011 · 0 comments

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I recently wrote about my 1980s childhood and its connection to unbundled legal services. Well, here’s another window into my personality: I’m an American history junkie. My favorite topics include the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and presidential speeches. I’m currently reading about the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Speaking of debates, there have been some great ones started inside martindale.com Connected lately. A small sampling includes:

Was the killing of Osama bin Laden legal under International Law?

No one could have missed the recent news that Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces during a raid on a house in Pakistan. Since then, two United Nations Human Rights watchdog groups have asked the U.S. to provide details about the operation, in particular, whether it ever included the possibility that bin Laden could have been captured alive.

With this in mind, one Connected member has posed this question: was the operation legal under international law?

Share your thoughts today.

Quid pro quo, or ho hum?

Shelley Dunstone has noticed for a lot of lawyers, the solution to building their legal practice is “Let’s target some accountants and offer them a cross-referral arrangement.” Shelley says by doing this, these lawyers can side-step their other marketing activities. But she’s a bit skeptical about this approach. She points out there’s not a lot of relationship-building involved since it’s all about flow of fees. She argues if the lawyers really could demonstrate value and differentiation, they could go straight to the potential clients, instead of relying on their intermediaries (usually accountants). 

Some Connected members agree with Shelley, while others disagree. What about you? Is quid pro quo really a good way to get a flow of legal work?  Or is it just the lazy way?

Join the debate today.

What are the best calling products for lawyers?

RingCentral, Skype, Google Voice and Vonage; Connected members can’t seem to agree on the best calling products for lawyers. I’m a Skype fan myself, but which one of these products are you using? Or are you using something different?

Share your insight today.

While we all can agree to disagree when it concerns the above topics, one thing I’m certain we all can agree on is accessing the newly created martindale.com Connection Collection is a great way to find the best archived content and legal insights from our community. All Connected members will be granted access to this exclusive area upon request.

Downloads waiting for you inside the collection already include:

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