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Final session of the day was some insight into the Blogs world of Lawyers.  The Blogging Session moderated by Maia Benson, was of tremendous value – top legal bloggers sharing their experiences and tools they use for blogging.  And answering questions such as ‘How did you start blogging?’ and ‘How much time do you dedicate/invest/put in it per week?’.

Here are some ‘twitter-sized’ bits from the panelists (disclaimer: there are not all verbatim):

Rees Morrison:
4 quick tips for a good blog post:
1)    clear header
2)    back ref to old posts
3)    give references to facts and posts
4)    give value

Roland Gross: Reinsurance and arbitration blog.

David Gottlieb
“give a little bit from yourself – that will get people to read more”

Brian Green insurance/reinsurance law blog.

Roy A. Mura - Insurance coverage and fraud blog
“needed a personal, targeted, effective, efficient, sharp tool”
“Enabled me to speak in a way I couldn’t do in courts”
(on why he started blogging)

Jason Molder
gives an excellent and detailed coverage of this session, highlighting tips and recommendations given from panel members:

Kelly D. Talcott also gives a detailed review, including covering tools Rees Morrison recommended to measure and analyze traffic and activity of Blog:

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Karen Yotis wrote onApril 16, 2009 at 6:16 am

There is a podcast on the LexisNexis Insurance Law Center, which was recorded onsite at LegalTech, that contains interviews with all of the participants on this panel. Each of these panel participants write one of the Top 50 Insurance Law Blogs which are also featured (and linked to) on the Insurance Law Center at


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