Legal profession told by Law Society Chairman – ‘Embrace change or face irrelevance’

by Rory Webber on February 18, 2011 · 2 comments

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Often when you listen to presidents of law societies, they seem deeply cautious when discussing how their professions could be reformed. Not so David McIntosh, chairman of the City of London Law Society.

David is a passionate advocate of reform, and will happily encourage law firms to embrace innovation. If firms are worried about the so-called ‘Commodisation’ of legal services, David has a message for you: Don’t be – offer such a service yourself, or focus on ‘added value’ services that cannot be commoditised. Those firms that don’t change, he believes, will face a grim future – especially when new entrants, not necessarily owned by lawyers, begin to offer their own legal services.

As part of the Connected ‘Legal Luminaries’ interview series, David provided his views on camera. To watch the interview, click the image below and select ‘How the English legal market’s radical changes could affect law firms globally.’

David McIntosh - City of London Law Society Chairman

Click to view the interview

Of course, legal professionals outside of the UK may well think that David’s prognosis is just another example of ‘English lawyers acting like businessmen, not professionals’. Well, David has news for you on that front too. He’s convinced that, if the changes currently taking place to the English legal market are successful, they’ll quickly be exported to other jurisdictions – especially in Europe. In fact, he’d bet his practicing certificate on it.

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