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Here’s what you missed this week on Connected:

Legal Person of the Year

Time Magazine’s got their list of nominees out for Person of the Year.  People does the 50 Sexiest People annually.  Why not a Connected Legal Person of the Year (bow ties are optional)?  Community Manager Joe Walsh is asking for your nominations of the best legal personalities out there, and yes, you can nominate yourself.

Tell us who should be on this list.

Location Based Law

@coffeelawyer: “I’m at Starbux on 77th and Lexington” via Four Square.  Who cares?!?  Well apparently a lot of people seem to think others do, because location based applications like Four Square and Facebook Places are being used by millions everyday.  With all these real place updates there are bound to be legal issues, right?

Find out what they are, and share what you think will arise as these technologies become integrated into our everyday.

Suing the Phone Book

Would you hire a lawyer whose add read: “The Trial Lawyer Fighting For Your Justics“?  Me either, and Sioux Falls lawyer Manny de Castro is hoping a court will find that Yellow Book, the publisher of his ad, is to blame for this blatant misspelling.  De Castro says, “All things being equal, when someone looks for a service in the phone book, they’re going to choose the person that knows how to spell.”  It will be interesting to see what he says when asked “why didn’t you proof the copy Manny?” He seeks $6,780, the cost of the ad, as well as lawyer fees and damages resulting from “humiliation and loss of business.”

Should Manny win this one?

Lawyer iPhone Apps

The State Bar of Texas Computer & Technology Section has created a free iPhone and iPad app for members.  According to a press release on PRLog, “features of the app include lightning fast searches of dozens of Texas and federal codes, rules and statutes, FREE case law in certain areas, the ability to email sections of codes, rules, statutes and case law links to yourself and others, bookmark favorite sections of codes, rules and statutes, and convenient, quick access to the Computer and Technology Section website and blog posts at”  This app puts a law library in your pocket … if you’re from Texas … and a member of their Section (you know what I mean).

Is this a trend we’ll see from more State Bars?  Add your thoughts to this post in Connected.

Oil, Water, and Health in the Gulf of Mexico

Coming off of our Gulf Oil Spill webinar, presenter and Connected member Tee Guidotti, discusses the oil industry, and brings clarity to the issues we are now facing.  He shares these sobering thoughts and more:

Corners cannot be cut in this industry without placing lives at risk. Upstream oil and gas (the part of the industry from exploration to a producing well to the refinery) is an intrinsically hazardous industry as a whole. The offshore oil and gas industry is one of the most hazardous subsectors in the economy, but it has a remarkable safety record overall (despite high-profile incidents). The reason we do not hear more about these hazards is that the oil and gas industry has the resources and infrastructure to prevent hazard from translating into risk, by investing in controls, training, engineering, emergency response, and safety management systems. And yet, it happened, and to one of the companies seemingly best equipped to deal with what might go wrong.

Share your thoughts on the spill with Tee.

That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.

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