Law Librarians Love LexisNexis Over the Competition

by Mike Mintz on November 10, 2009 · 0 comments

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Call centerThe Law Librarians Blog (“LLB”) posted the first of their findings from the recent Rate Your Legal Resources Vendor Survey.  In this “admittedly unscientific survey” the LLB found that LexisNexis excelled over West in both customer service and in the trustworthiness of literature about their products.  Other areas were surveyed as well, which the LLB will release over the next few weeks.

Survey participants consisted of the following breakdown:  “49% of the respondents, academic law librarians 27.5%, public law librarians 20.6% and others 2.9%.” (see graphic below)

They were asked two questions for this first part of the survey:

1. In terms of detailed and trustworthy information about their products and services in vendor literature and direct communications, how would you rate your vendors?

2. In terms of responsiveness to issues and their prompt resolution for products and services, how would you rate your vendors?

I won’t discuss the results of the survey or the LLB’s conclusions; check out the original post for that.   Rather, I want to make a short comment about our customer service and trustworthiness.

Being one of the “Big Two” can have its advantages and disadvantages.  Some advantages: everyone in the legal LLB breakdown bigcommunity knows LexisNexis, we have tons of content, and lots of products and services.  Some disadvantages: everyone has a favorite (see Coke v. Pepsi), consumer price sensitivity, and the false perception that just because you are big you can do anything.  I share these thoughts because we are not a perfect company (I task you to find one that is), but the results of this survey attest to one of the greatest things about LexisNexis: at the end of the day we want to do right by you – whether you are a customer, employee, or competitor.  The LLB’s findings confirm that others think that too, and the kudos really go to the great work our customer service department is doing.

As for trustworthiness: a former boss once told me under-promise and over-delivery.  The LLB’s survey results about our product literature are encouraging.  They show that the folks in marketing and sales are being honest about what we’ve got to offer.  We hope to be a company that delivers on its promises and if we aren’t doing that please let us know, either on this blog or contacting us directly.  Hey, customer service got great marks in responsiveness; if you don’t believe me, give them a try.

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