Law Firms on Fortune’s “Best Places to Work”

by Mike Mintz on February 5, 2010 · 1 comment

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bestplacetoworkFortune has released their 2010 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, and this year six law firms made the list.  According to a press release from Bingham McCutchen, FORTUNE picks the companies for the list by conducting an extensive employee survey.  The “Trust Index” makes up two-thirds of a company’s score and is composed of a sample set of random answers from employees who are asked questions about “management’s credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie.”  The “Culture Audit” makes up the rest of a company’s points and asks employees about “pay and benefit programs and a series of open-ended questions about hiring, communication and diversity.”

We would like to congratulate and highlight three of the firms who are part of the Martindale-Hubbell family:

  1. Bingham McCutchen - with one of the best law firm websites I have ever seen (great design, navigation, and information) Bingham McCutchen is a firm that thinks about the now and the next.  Based on the principles “Work Hard,” “Make Sure Your Eggs Are In Multiple Baskets,” “Remember the Business Cycle,” “Understand Your Clients Well Enough to Invest in What they Need,” and “Be Patient” they make firm values sound cool, something you’d expect from Google, who famously incorporated the business motto “Don’t Be Evil.”  With a large and talented staff, Bingham serves the many needs of 10 primary practice focuses: (1) Corporate, (2) Finance, (3) Securities, (4) Litigation, (5) Legislative and Government Affairs, (6) Environmental and Real Estate, (7) Telecommunications, Media and Technology, (8) Insurance, (9) Industry Practices, and (10) Estate and Charitable Planning.
  2. Arnold & Porter – a true thought and practice leader, A&P produces a wealth of podcasts, articles, presentations, webcasts, and other materials all available for free on their website and on Martindale-Hubbell Connected (registration required) where members can interact with the authors.  With a global reach and a history that spans the best of 80-years, A&P has a profound commitment to pro bono work (averaging 150 hours per year per lawyer), client results, and innovation as seen by their multimedia contributions.  Specializing in 20 distinct areas of law, from Antitrust and Competition to FDA and Healthcare to Subprime Lending Regulation and Enforcement, A&P offers a range of trusted expertise and experience.
  3. Baker Donelson – they put clients first.  Read the firm description and you’ll see the first three paragraphs are dedicated to talking about how they do that.  By reaching across offices and borders in a diverse legal practice, Baker Donelson does what is necessary to serve their clients.  As an innovator and technology leader, the firm developed BakerNet to connect the nodes of their offices and share knowledge.  I counted up to 36 distinct practice areas with many subcategories that the firm specializes in from Gulf Coast Recovery to Business Technology.  Truly a champion of diversity through the provision of scholarships, support to causes dedicated to eradicating racism, and providing opportunities, Baker Donelson practices what they preach and “is committed to recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and inviting to Shareholder status attorneys from under-represented groups.”

Congratulations again to these firms on such a tremendous achievement!

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