Law firm video on websites: Giving buyers of legal services what they want

by 04g7F1nl02 on March 16, 2008 · 3 comments

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After talking with hundreds of buyers of legal services it’s clear to me that a law firm video on their website can be effective.  It’s one of the things a buyer of legal services would like to have when deciding whether or not to include a particular lawyer on a short list to call.  By seeing and hearing a potential lawyer on a video before calling them, someone looking for a lawyer can get a sense of how they come across in real life.

So when Kevin O’Keefe asks his rhetorical question – “Does anyone really think a video of lawyers standing around talking at each other . . . is going to incent clients to call them?” – I think the answer is yes.  All things being equal, a buyer is more likely to call a lawyer that they’ve been able to see on a video, assuming what they see and hear conforms with what they’re looking for.

On the other hand, Kevin makes an excellent point that you can get much more benefit out of posting a video by making it as relevant as possible to what the buyer needs and wants.  Give advice; answer basic questions; describe what typically happens in relevant matters; provide value with timely commentary.  As with all good marketing, if you can put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and empathize with them and give a little value, you’re more likely going to win the business.

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lucas law firm wrote onApril 6, 2009 at 5:55 am

Thanks for the tips. But don’t spoil the clients. :D Stephanie


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