Law Firm Legal Marketing (eBook), Facebook Pages, and Malware via Social Media

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Here’s what you missed on Connected:

Tips for Successful Law Firm Marketing Online: a Free eBook

What is the best way to market a law firm?

free legal marketing ebookEveryone and anyone involved in law firm marketing asks this question at some point, from lawyers, to the marketers they hire and even the members of the Connectedcommunity.

Markets differ across the globe and opinions change almost daily, so there is no definitive answer. However there are many viewpoints and this collection of blogs, fashioned into an eBook (or ‘eBlook’ if you will) contains the opinions from a number of experts across LexisNexis.

In reading this eBook you will walk away with the following:

  1. How to create an image for your law firm that attracts new business
  2. How to stand out on the Internet so potential clients find you in Google (SEO)
  3. How to build trust and establish credibility through peer review and client ratings
  4. How to convert web visitors into new clients
  5. How to use multimedia, like simple videos, to stand out and gain new clients
Get your copy today, (while supplies last).

When Should a Trademark Opposition be Stayed?

John McKeown of Cassels Brock LLP writes this post after a recent decision by the Federal Courts in Canada. He discusses a new test to determine whether a stay is proper and says, “(t)his test gives more emphasis to the respective prejudice that the grant of a stay would have on the parties and makes it clear that the power to grant a stay may only be exercised sparingly and in the clearest of cases.”

Find out what John thinks of this new test.

Copywriting for Lawyers (Part 1): Headlines That Ought to Be Illegal

This post is the first in a series by Yours Truly, which gives practical advice to lawyers looking to spice up their writing in social media while retaining the legal eagle chops that makes them legitimate.

As part of our July Marketing Month, the series will cover headlines (this installment), ideas for writing, finding your voice, mechanics of writing to induce action, optimizing your content for SEO, and promoting your content on social networks.

It kicks off the social media marketing for law firms theme of our Marketing Month, which officially launches next week. Be on the look out for other great guest posts, podcasts, and a free eBook!

Read your way to legal copywriting awesomeness by clicking here.

Putting an iPad to Work: Tips for the Novice and Experienced

Thought Leader and lawyer Keith Mullen shares some of his best tips on using an iPad in your law practice with a fantastic presentation.

Check out what he has to say.

Malware + Social Media + Law Firms = PARANOIA!

Member Jayne Navarre asked if anyone thinks Malware via social media puts law firms and their client data at risk. I for one think it just gives law firms another reason to avoid a game changing technology, but that’s just me. Chance are you can avoid any intrusions with a good social media policy and an educated staff on what types of things they should and shouldn’t do via social media on firm machines.

What do you think? Check out what others are saying on Jayne’s post (and add your own comment if you like).

May a Non-Lawyer Social Security Advocate Pay Referral Fees?

Member Regina Cobb asked this question in the Social Security Disability Law group. She’s still waiting for an answer … Got one?

Post it here.

Law Firms Use Facebook Pages for Student Recruitment (cool).

Member Jill Souter wrote:

I have received approval to create a student web site separate from our main site that will communicate with prospective summer and articling students.  I wanted to dedicate space to students that would provide them with the information they need and speak their language – not necessarily what a prospective client needs to see.  After attending a Social Media conference (, I am reconsidering this and am looking at the benefits of a Facebook page instead.

Any experience with this?  I would appreciate any war stories that could help shape this strategy for us.

She’s gotten a bunch of responses so far. See what other lawyers have said.

That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.

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