Jessica Simpson Wins Arbitration Barring Exercise Video Featuring Her

by Mike Mintz on September 14, 2012 · 0 comments


In recent news, pop star and sometime actress, Jessica Simpson, has won an arbitration banning an exercise video featuring her from being sold.  Her attorneys recently asked a New York court to approve the earlier arbitration ruling which bars the respondent, Speedfit LLC and its owner, from using her name and likeness to promote the video.  Speedfit is based in East Hampton, New York.

The arbitrator did not side entirely in Simpson’s favor, however. While the arbitrator did award her over $300,000 for fees and costs, he did not award her anything on her breach of contract claim.  Her manager was awarded $50,000 separately on a slander claim.

The crux of Simpson’s claim is that Speedfit did not produce an exercise video that was actually saleable even though it had more than enough time to do so.  The owner of Speedfit for his part has claimed that he is going to challenge the arbitrator’s ruling, although it is unclear on what grounds. He has also countersued Simpson for $10 million.

The video was made at the same time that Simpson starred as Daisy Duke in the movie remake of the popular television series “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Speedfit’s owner not surprisingly denies all of Simpson’s charges, instead claiming that he had produced a perfectly fine video and that he lost all his possessions in the endeavor.

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