Introducing ‘Legal Job Board Network’ on Martindale-Hubbell Career Center

by Manish Bhargava on August 20, 2010 · 0 comments

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Today Martindale-Hubbell Career Center launched a new product called Legal Job Board Network Posting where employers can choose to post their job listings on other legal job sites in addition to their regular Martindale-Hubbell posting.

Currently there are about 21 other legal sites listed in the Legal Job Board Network and your job posting can be showcased on every one of them. All this for a slightly higher price. So no need to research else where to post your job listing or deal with multiple interfaces on different job sites. Simply come to Martindale-Hubbell Career Center – your one stop shop for seeking quality job candidates and announce your job openings to see quality resumes roll in.

Starting today when you go to Martindale-Hubbell Career Center you will see a new section in the Products and Pricing page for bundled products called Network Postings which will allow you to buy a 30-day or 60-day regular posting on Martindale-Hubbell Career Center with secondary exposure to all sites in the Network.

Placement for secondary job postings

Placement for secondary job postings

Your job posting could be seen on one or multiple locations on network sites’ job results page – above the job board navigation, above the results (below the job board navigation), at the bottom of the results, on the right side column, or in a separate tab as shown in the picture. At a time only few job postings will be shown and these will keep rotating on every page refresh. If a job seeker visits that legal job site, he/she can see your job posting and clicking on that link will take him/her to the job description on Martindale-Hubbell Career Center.

Legal Job Network

Legal Job Board Network

What are the other 21 job sites your job listings will be showcased on? Here is a list. Note that this list will keep changing with time as new job sites get included or removed from the Legal Job Board Network.

We are excited to roll out this new line up of product and many more in future. Let us know what you think!

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