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by Jon Lin on April 7, 2008 · 1 comment

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Recently, Google has been testing a new enhancement to its web search service where it places a search box within the search results. I’m not sure if there is even an official name for it yet, but basically it places a search box below the top result and allows the Google user to search that site right from Google search results page, without having to navigate to the target site’s home page or use its search function.  As pointed out in  ”Will Google offer better search of lawyer directories than lawyer directory websites themselves?” searchers can enter all of the terms they want, all in that familiar Google interface. Do a Google search for “super lawyers” to try this out for yourself.

For years, has offered its Lawyer Locator search, with its “limited text fields or ‘drop-downs’ for search such as by practice area and location.” As some point in time, users told us that they preferred this because it gave them more precise results. For example, if one only entered the term Elder in a single search box, results for people with the name Elder would get returned, but so would results with Elder in the law firm name, attorneys or firms that specialize in elder law, and even results in Glen Elder, Kansas. However, huge advancements in search technology have been made in the last few years and user experiences and expectations have been redefined by the likes of Google. So, maybe we should once again pose the question to you lawyers: which search experience do you prefer?

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