If Latin American law firms don’t have marketing managers – who is organising their marketing activities?

by Bryn Hughes on April 13, 2011 · 1 comment

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In last week’s blog, I discussed a new report on the current state of legal marketing in Brazil and Mexico. The report, produced by Gonçalves & Gonçalves Marketing Jurídico and Mexican consulting firm Hernández Romano Consultores, discovered that a remarkable 63% of Brazilian firms and 66% of Mexican firms surveyed did not employ a single full-time marketing manager. The report also discovered that key marketing decisions were generally left in the hands of firms’ senior or managing partners.

While, from UK perspective, I found these results to be genuinely surprising, my next thought was – in that case, who is carrying out all these firms’ marketing activities? After all, it’s probably fair to say that Brazilian and Mexican firms aren’t exactly shy when it comes to promotion – but I can’t imagine a typical Managing Partner writing the firm’s departmental brochures or legal directory submissions, or building and maintaining the firm’s website.

In fact, the survey showed a fairly obvious explanation for how Brazilian and Mexican firms organise their marketing activities: they tend to outsource these roles to trusted third party providers. In both countries, a majority of survey respondents took this approach, which is not surprising given that some activities require specialist skills that lawyers are not capable of handling. And, when asked which marketing functions were most frequently outsourced, in both countries, publicity production, website development and maintenance and media work were some of the tasks most commonly performed by external providers.

Curiously, in Brazil at least, respondents who worked for firms employing more than 100 lawyers were some of the more dedicated outsourcers – noticeably more so than their smaller competitors. This suggests that the employment of a full-time marketing manager should not be regarded as a way of saving money spent on external marketing consultants. Instead, employing Marketing Managers allows a firm to raise the bar in terms of the management and sophistication its marketing activities, while also freeing up Partners’ time to generate new income.

Debate the findings with the report authors today
Marco Antonio and Alessandra Goncalves, legal marketing professionals and authors of the study, will be discussing the report in the ‘Lawyers of Brazil’ group in martindale.com Connected. To register and join for free today, click here.

Free copy of the summary or full report
“The State of Legal Marketing: Brazil and Mexico”

Download the full report – English
Download the full report – Portuguese
Download the full report – Spanish

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