Help Needed: Lawyers Who Have Answers, Jokes, and Copywriting Skills

by Mike Mintz on July 27, 2011 · 2 comments

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Here’s what you missed recently on Connected:


Discussion Questions Needing Answers: Do YOU Have One?

A lot of questions have been raised in the past few weeks in the community on a variety of topics. Do you have an answer?

You will need to join the groups in question (horrible pun) to provide answers, but don’t worry, it’s easy as 1-click and you’re in (usually).
Gen Y Lawyers Need: Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) Workplace 2020 Initiative
MCCA’s Workplace 2020 Initiative, a set of research studies and programming designed to assist the legal profession in revamping its approach to human resources is designed to prompt a redefinition of the legal workplace in order to meet the challenges and needs of the new talent in our profession. They need Gen Y lawyers to voice their perspectives.
Click here to read more and participate.
Got Any Good Lawyer Jokes? What About Links to Lawyer Humor Sites?
What’s the difference between lawyers and accountants?
Accountants KNOW their boring.
Not the best lawyer joke, I know. Think you’ve got a better one? Know a site where there’s lots of lawyer humor?
Share your joke or paste your link to this post.


Coming in August: LawFAILS

The practice of law can be pretty funny sometimes. No seriously.

From lawsuits by the lesbian couple who successfully sued their sperm donor for child support after they broke up to the music publishers for the late avant-garde composer John Cage who sued musician Mike Batt for plagiarism after he included a silent song (no music, lyrics, or sound!) on his album (they settled for six-figures out of court), we’re going to cover them all.

Look for podcasts, videos, and posts about the ridiculous, funny, and outrageous lawsuits and cases out there. You are invited to take part in the insanity, and submit your own take on these wacky “law fails.”

You can be certain there will be plenty of lawyer jokes …

Copywriting for Lawyers (Part 2): Knowing What to Write and How to Say it for Social Media 

The first part of this series touched on the idea of knowing whom you are writing for; this installment will give insights on finding that great topic to write about and saying it in a way that resonates with your particular audience.

Click here to read Part 2.


Receiverships: Federal Court Receiver or State Court Receiver? Which is Better? 

“The general notion behind receiverships is to preserve property pending the outcome of a case/foreclosure or such other time as the Court deems a Receiver is not required.The Receiver is usually an unrelated third party attorney familiar with process.” – summary found here, by Christy Myatt, Nexsen Pruett LLC

Receiverships are a common remedy for commercial real estate lenders and servicers. Member Keith Mullen blogged about a list of questions that clients should discuss with their lawyer when considering using a receivership.

Click here to read his post.


That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.

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Lelin wrote onDecember 24, 2011 at 6:25 am

Well I really don’t know any exact site but the one in my signature might work!


Art Buono wrote onJuly 27, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Looking forward to LawFAILS in a big way.



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