Haiku, Magic Tricks & Jury Doody: Nearly 13K martindale.com Connected Blogs and Counting

by Joseph Walsh on March 31, 2011 · 1 comment

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As any of our nearly 44,000 members will tell you, one of the best features found inside martindale.com Connected is the embarrassment of riches the community offers when it concerns accessing the knowledge, insight and expertise of our members. In fact, as I write this post, Connected members have contributed nearly 13,000 blog posts to our community. To put that in some perspective, if you read 25 of these posts a day, you would need 520 days, or just about 18 months, to read our current blog collection.      

But being the greedy community managers that we are, we want more. Already have a blog? Could you use 44,000 more readers? Then join Connected today and post it inside our community. If you’re new to blogging and not sure how to best get started, be sure to join our Social Media for Lawyers, Social Media Policy and Legal Marketing groups to get some valuable tips from Connected members. Also, be sure to read the recent post by my fellow community manager, Mike Mintz, titled Client Magnet: A Blog Planning Template for Lawyers.

Now back to those 13,000 blog posts. Since neither of us have 18 months we can spare to read all the posts currently found inside Connected, I wanted to highlight some of my favorites just to provide a small sample of what you’re missing.

Law Firm Newsletters: Worthwhile or Waste?

As more and more law firms turn to social media, do newsletters still have a place in their business development activities? According to Norman Clark (pictured), depending on who you ask, the answer is either yes or no. And you know what? According to Norman, both sides are right. Read the post to find out why and then listen to Norman discuss this issue on a LexisNexis Legal Business Community podcast.    


The Missing Link: How Lawyers Are Failing to Maximize Public Relations in Their Practices

On her Profiting with Public Relations Blog, Paramjit Mahli explains why law firms need to embrace public relations as a way to maintain/improve their images, increase brand recognition, bring in new clients and position their practice groups as thought leaders and experts in key target markets. Paramjit provides some great tips and insight, but I especially enjoyed her inclusion of the worst offenses law firms make when it comes to public relations. Is your firm guilty of one of these offenses? Make sure you read this post to find out.

How to make 17,500 lawyers disappear

I don’t know about you, but I like magic tricks. But something tells me the associate vanishing act is not exactly like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. In fact, according to Bradley Clark, over the next seven years approximately 17,500 non-partner lawyer jobs will disappear as a result of process improvement methodologies such as lean six sigma and legal process outsourcing (LPO). All this has Bradley asking, among other questions:

  • If LPO results in a cost-savings between 60-90% why are BigLaw rates increasing rather than decreasing?
  • Will SmallLaw benefit from lean six sigma and LPO?

Got your own questions about LPO? Watch the recording of our recent Legal Process Outsourcing: Ethics & Efficacy webinar. Also, be sure to watch Baker & McKenzie’s London Managing Partner Gary Senior discuss LPO as part of Connected’s Legal Luminaries video series.

The Supreme Court, Delivered 17 Syllables at a Time

Bob Ambrogi, the U.S Supreme Court and haiku; need I say more? As an example of how the law of the land is being expressed in seventeen syllables, Bob shares the following description of Justice William Brennan found on the Supreme Court Haiku website:

New Jersey native
Vocal death penalty foe
Liberal stalwart

Out Of Law School With Debt and Some Cash Flow?

As someone who pays his student loans from graduate school each and every month, this post by Keith Lee instantly resonated with me, as I’m sure it will with most law school students and recent graduates. Add in the financial advice from billionaire Mark Cuban, and how can you go wrong? Loans, of course, are just one challenge facing recent law school graduates. Don’t forget about the tough job market. As if competition with humans wasn’t enough, I just read thinking computers like WATSON might replace first year associates.

Jury Duty is not Jury Doody

Kudos to Richard Kolodziej for his humorous and insightful look at what goes into being selected, or not selected, for a jury. As someone who has never served, it was great to get an inside look at what the process is like. And, of course, let’s not ignore the blog’s witty title. Jury Doody? You try not to click on that title!



Twitter – 3 Steps to Getting Started and Why Should You and Your Company Use It

Sure, more and more legal professionals are turning to Twitter each and every day. But two years ago, Connected’s very own Alin Wagner-Lahmy already was boasting about the power of tweets. Still not on Twitter? Not sure how to get started? Alin’s tips and insights are as valuable today as they were back then.

Speaking of Twitter, don’t forget to follow Connected on Twitter @mhtweets. Then be sure to visit Connected’s full blog directory

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