Google Wallet for Lawyers, Measuring Outside Counsel Efficiency, and SEO Tricks

by Mike Mintz on September 21, 2011 · 0 comments

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Here’s what you may have missed on Connected …

Publish the Hidden Gold On Your Hard Drive: Client Alerts, Articles, and Case Briefs

Do you have law firm newsletters, case briefs, and other stuff you’ve written for your practice just sitting on your hard drive or website? You can take these nuggets and easily post them to your Connected profile for a great big swig of “Google Juice” that makes your content come up higher in online searches.

There are three simple options to beef up the searchability of your Connected profile:

(1) Add your articles and other content to subject matter group file libraries

(2) Add the URL link from your articles and other content to your Connected profile’s My Documents section

(3) Add your articles and other content to the Legal Library (subscribers only)

Any way you play it the key is getting your content on the network and connected to your profile so it can be found by potential clients looking for it.

Click here to find out how to do more with your content today!


How Insurance Companies Can Control Costs by Measuring Counsel Efficiency

Insurance companies want to control the costs of their outside counsel spend, but how do they do that while making sure their outside lawyers work optimally? Let’s face it, going with the cheapest option is not always the best, especially if that law firm takes twice the time to do the job as a more efficient but expensive law firm.

A recent discussion in the community based on an article from went into the four key factors in measuring outside counsel performance:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Quality of work
  3. Customer service
  4. Billing practices
Click here to see what other lawyers had to say about their own experience.


Managing Twitter Hashtags to Avoid Twitter Fatigue

#This #can #be #annoying #to #see #on #every #tweet #someone #does.

The pound signs are “hashtags” which Twitter users will put in front of certain key terms to make them more readily searchable. Using a 3rd party Twitter client like Tweet Deck or HootSuite users can easily follow subjects by search for the #hashtag, which will show them all tweets with that tag and term.

Some people can get out of control though.

Click here to find out what guest blogger Gwynne Monahan says about this oft abused practice.


Know what you know


Thought leader guru Shelley Dunstone talks about finding inspiration for the things you intuitively know. Chances are what seems obvious to you is not obvious to the next person. Try taking that knowledge you take for granted and seeing how it can be used to teach others. You can even go further by developing articles and other knowledge bases about these nuggets.


Click here to find out the process Shelley went through during an improv jazz class.


What’s In Your Wallet … Um Google

Google’s newest offering is a finance app that lets you pay with your phone. What’s more, they are tying it in with Google Deals for some interesting social commerce and location based functionality that can change the way we shop. But will you take the plunge? Lawyers are an especially conservative group when it comes to technology innovations.

Click here to vote in our quick poll and let us know if you will use Google Wallet.


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