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by Mike Mintz on October 15, 2010 · 2 comments

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Law firms can produce tons of great content only to have it hide on their law firm website.  One of the quickest ways to expose this content is to syndicate it on other websites. Connected provides an easy way to syndicate your law firm and blog content, attach your firm’s name to the trusted Martindale brand, and have your work viewed by thousands of members every week.

Attaching a blog or updates from firm website feed to your Profile is easy so long as your content is enabled with an RSS feed (to read more about RSS feeds check out this article).  Here are the simple steps you need to follow to make it happen:

  1. Register for a Connected profile.  This is different than just having a profile on  The Connected profile is an enhanced version of your profile that gives you freedom to edit your own details.  You can sign up for a free profile on Connected by clicking here.
  2. Go to your Connected blog.  You will find this under the tab “My Connected.”  When the pull down opens, click on the link “My Blog.”
  3. I Want To … Manage My Blog.  At the next screen you will see an option to “Manage My Blog” under the right hand navigation “I Want To.”  Click on this link to bring up the blogging management tool.
  4. Configure … Mirrored Feeds. You will be brought to the administration tool where you need to click on the right most tab labeled “Configure.”    Then right under that tab click on the tab labeled “Mirrored Feeds.”
  5. Add New Feed.  In the next screen click the button labeled “Add New Feed.”  This brings up a dialogue box where you can add a title to the feed (ex/ LexisNexis Copyright Blog) and the feed address.
    • To get the RSS feed for a site you need to click on the little orange box (see below) to get to the feed page
    • A feed address will look something like this or this
  6. Click Save and you are done.

The feed will likely pull some older blog posts into your profile immediately, giving you an instant content boost.  Then every time the external blog is updated, a new post will appear in your profile.  It’s that simple to do.

For reference, this is what the RSS feed orange box looks like:

Please leave a comment if you have any questions on how to use feeds or if you are using them in a creative way you’d like to share.

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LexisNexis Employees
November 28, 2011 at 10:15 am

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wrobison wrote onNovember 22, 2011 at 5:45 pm

When you get to step 3 it does not give the option advertised here. It gives the option to create a blog only. Some step is missing probably in the registration process.


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