Get Connected – 3 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Your Network

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Martindale Connected now has more than 14,000 members from all areas of the legal industry: In House Counsels, Law Firm Lawyers, Paralegals, Librarians, Marketers, Law Schools Faculty and Students, from US and across the world, making it the largest network focusing on the legal vertical. If you want to find a contact in a company, a firm or a Law School – this is the place to look for them.

Building a solid network that does the work for you needs to start yesterday. Many people ask for help only when they need it – you can’t build credibility in an instant, building relationship happens over time.  That is why you need to get involved with the network as early as possible. Here are 3 simple ways offered in Connected for you to ensure you have a wide and robust network:

  • Use Suggested Connection – People You May Know section in Connected uses the martindale historical database as well as the information you have entered into your Connected profile, to generate suggested connections of people with whom you have worked on the same case, attended the same school or worked in the same company or firm as you. The more information you add to your profile, the higher the odds you will get suggested more connections. We are constantly enhancing this functionality to offer more and more types of suggested connections, and we’re also making sure to refresh the pile of suggested connections, so stay tuned and keep visitng the page to see more and new potential new connections.
People You May Know are on the network - don't miss an opportunity to connect with them

People You May Know are on the network - don't miss an opportunity to connect with them

  • Search – following enhancements to the search experience on the site, searching for members in Connected by their name, their organization name, focus of practice area, memberships, interests etc is easy and quick.  Search for people you already know, that you have met in conferences, or already had some interaction with on the network.  It is OK to connect with people you have not met face to face – the ground rules to follow here are to make sure you give them a solid intro on how you know them and why you would like to connect with them. If they don’t respond, that’s OK, don’t chase them.
  • Check in on your connections - Once you have made the connection, keep it alive: send the occasional email with a link to an article, idea or news that could interest your connection.  Another thing to do is follow your network’s activity – what is on their mind? what have they blogged about? what forum discussions do they participate in? what interests them? The Connected Homepage is offering you a stream of your network activity so that you can see on a daily basis new blogs, forums and group posts – use that information! read what your connections are talking about, comment and respond to their ideas,  engage in conversation with them.

Building a network happens over time, and to make it happen you only need a few minutes a day dedicated to each of these activities, make it part of your routine and see the miracles it works for you…

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