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by Brian Salmanowitz on August 22, 2008 · 1 comment

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During the past few weeks I sampled subscribing firms’ activity on and What did I find? There can be a distinct difference in the amount of profile views, leads and click-throughs firms receive based on the data and content they provide about their firm and practicing attorneys.

There are solo practitioners who receive hundreds of page views and click-throughs a month from potential clients, while similar (and larger) firms in the same area may see far fewer. Similar variances are evident for much larger U.S. and international firms.

The reason is content. Relevant and complete content –  like valid email addresses (for the firm and each attorney), detailed firm and attorney profile information, and areas of practice — makes a difference.

This has driven me to analyze what is working for firms and establish some best practices that can be followed by others.

Are you getting the visibility you’re expecting from your Martindale-Hubbell subscription? How many direct contacts are you receiving? Would you like to see if you can get more (at your current subscription rate)?

I would like to offer a complimentary Martindale-Hubbell Best Practices Review to the first dozen firms who submit a request. I’ll put together a customized best practices report and review it with you. I want to partner with you to incorporate the recommendations and test the results.

Both existing and new Martindale-Hubbell customers are welcome to participate in this exercise. If interested please either add a comment to this blog or email me directly at

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100G. wrote onAugust 19, 2008 at 2:11 am

Thank you for informing me of the company and its values, their are alot of competittors out there and its nice to know of the good one and not so up todate lawyer firms available for furture employment.


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