Facebook is Hell, Are Lawyers Losers?, and The ABA’s Iron Fist

by Mike Mintz on December 1, 2010 · 0 comments

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Welcome back from Turkey, football, and family asking you to look into legal matters for them (for free).  Here’s what you missed on martindale.com Connected:

Facebook is Hell

We all know the horror stories on Facebook regarding privacy, data, and litigation.  It gets even scarier if you are an e-discovery professional.  According to a post by Applied Discovery VP Virginia P. Henschel, “The continuing attempt to find secure footing in the realm of social media and privacy is a form of Dante’s Inferno for e-discovery wonks.  Positions are staked out in a circle with no intersecting lines.”  Just be wary if you get a friend request from a guy named Virgil.

Hey Ladies!  (Beastie Boys)

Why is it that women only account for 15% of equity partners in today’s law firms?  A recent post in the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) needs YOUR feedback on how women can rise through the ranks and avoid getting stuck in a promotional rut.  Share your experience, strength, and hope with other women of the profession (and if you’re a guy with an intelligent opinion on this, we’ll take it too).

Les Miserables: Law School the Musical

This video was made over two years ago and still makes me laugh.  Recently tweeted, I took another look at it and was shocked to see recent comments all echoing the sentiment of the author.  This post in the Lawyer Career Center asks whether you had or are having a similar experience to the one described in the song.  Is law school really the soul sucking, dream crushing, debt piling trap portrayed, and if so, why are people applying in record numbers?

11,400 Blog Posts Can’t Be Wrong

Wow.  There are over 11,400 blog posts on martindale.com Connected.  That’s a pretty impressive number when you think about the fact that most of these are owned by lawyers.  It would be awesome to see a flood of new blog posts from members using their profile blog.  Subscribers can create a fully functioning legal blog connected to their profile on martindale.com Connected without all the hassle of set up, design, and other technical mumbo jumbo.  Check out the Blogs main page to get an idea of what’s being posted, and how you can jump into the game.

Are Lawyers Losers?

TV makes being a lawyer seem sexy, exciting, and scandalous, but have you ever met a tax attorney or insurance litigator who looked and lived like they stepped off the set of The Practice?  So when it comes to lawyer online networking you’ve got to ask: are lawyers socially inept online? What do they do with the online connections we make? A recent post in the Connected Think Tank design opens this up for discussion and wonders what the value of an online connection even is.

NOTE: this post is in a private group and can only be accessed upon being accepted into the group (don’t worry – I’m an owner on it and will let you in).

The Spirit of Cuba (IP)

John McKeown, one of my favorite members, posted about a recent decision of the Federal Court which affirmed the “Trademarks Opposition Board that the trademark THE SPIRIT OF CUBA was not registrable in association with rum, but was registrable in association with non-alcoholic beverages and the services relating to the retail sale of alcoholic beverages.”   As John explains the two issues of the mark being misdescriptive (the rum in question is actually distilled in the Dominican Republic) and that the word “spirit” is actually functional, with two meanings, “both of which are relevant to the wares.”  Check out John’s analysis of the case.

The ABA’s Iron Fist

Larry Bodine posted about the ABA’s latest efforts to control everything we do in “RED ALERT: The ABA Wants to Regulate Online Lawyer Marketing in Social Media for Lawyers.”  He calls for swift action, involving pitch forks and torches … okay, no, I made that up.  Larry is trying to marshal lawyers to stop the ABA from imposing “unneeded ethics obstacles,” and is asking for lawyers to send opposition comments to: Vera, Senior Research Paralegal, Commission on Ethics 20/20, 321 North Clark Street, 15th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654-7598.

That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.

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