Expand Your Client Base with Apps, Skype, and PayPal

by Suzie on January 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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With so many online and mobile communication channels, you could substantially increase your client base by keeping up with the technology times.  Consider your potential and current clients’ preferences and convenience. Then, keep them in their comfort zone with options such as these listed below.

  1. Apps: With the popularity of mobile apps, many clients can easily contact you while on the go by simply adding your app to their mobile device. In addition, you can create apps of client checklists, your services, and so much more. (Download the free My Lawyer Accident App Today! Brought to you by Allen & Allen) If you are technically challenged, there are services, such as My Attorney Apps, that can create these for you. (My Attorney Apps)
  2. Skype: Make it convenient for potential and existing clients to meet with you via this free video conferencing tool. (Skype) This works especially well with immobile, longer distance, and extremely busy clients. In addition, you and your clients can access it via mobile devices from any location with internet access. Thus, you are not restricted to your office, clients save travel time, and you can all put a face to a name. (Free Legal Consultation Using Skype • Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers • Former Prosecutors)
  3. PayPal: With the continued growth and convenience of PayPal, many of your clients might prefer this method of payment. (PayPal) Plus you can use PayPal’s convenient Invoicing option. Once you’ve completed the online invoice, it will be emailed to your client with a “Pay Now” button. Once your client pays, you receive an email notice and their payment in your PayPal account. If your client does not have a PayPal account, he or she will have the option to pay via credit card. There is also the potential that you will receive payments more quickly. (Leslie Stewart Attorney-at-Law PayPal -Convenient Online Payment)

These options are sure to provide a better customer experience for your clients and increased client acquisition and retention for you.  Just remember to thoroughly research and investigate the options before you implement them to avoid any issues, such as technical or ethical, that might thwart your efforts. In addition to online research, contact some attorneys who use these services for their advice. I find that our fellow attorneys are more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. (Skype Privacy and Security) (PayPal Security and Protection)

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