Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Legal Marketing, Hiring a Hitman on Facebook, and More!

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Here’s what you missed this week on martindale.com Connected.

Legal Marketing Makeover: This Ain’t Your Partners’ Pedicure

How can law firms big and small market themselves in a way that truly represents the firm, attracts new clients, and takes advantage of all the tools out their including social media? That’s what we are going to discuss for a whole month in the community, starting next week.

It all kicks off with a talk about the LexisNexis Ultimate Law Firm Marketing Makeover. You remember that contest we told you about earlier this year, and the lucky law firm that won $50,000 in free marketing services from LexisNexis? Well, it’s been six-months since the experts got a hold of Case, Rajnoha & Boudreau, LLP and not only do we have an update for you on how fabulous their marketing looks now, but we’re giving you a free webinar to tell you how your firm can mimic their success!

Check out this post in the Legal Marketing group to see how you can do a marketing makeover at your own law firm (nail polish not included).


Cops Charge Woman for Trying to Hire a Hitman Through Her Facebook Wall

A look at this headline can lead to one of the following conclusions:

People are stupid, and the faster evolution starts weeding them out the better

  1. This was obviously a misunderstanding: people say silly things and respond with silly things all the time on Facebook
  2. Great police work

On May 23, 2011, 20-year old Eley London of Philadelphia posted the following on her Facebook Wall:

“I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.”

Read about how this brilliant plan turned out and what lawyers need to do to clean up the mess.


Are Law Firms More Biased Against Women Than Corporate Legal Departments?

The NAWL challenge issued in 2006 with the goal of doubling the percentages of women lawyers in leadership roles by the year 2015. At the start of the survey period, women accounted for only 15% of equity partners in law firms and chief legal officers in corporate legal departments, despite women representing almost half of the law school graduates during the same period. By 2011, after 5-years of NAWL surveys, the needle has moved to 17% women chief legal officers in corporate legal departments, but the number of female equity partners has remained the same.

What’s up with that?

Alright, 2% growth is not stellar, but it’s something, and it seems to only be happening in corporate legal departments. Why have we not seen any growth in law firms?

See what other lawyers think by checking out the original post in the NAWL group.


Featured Group: National Association of Women Lawyers (“NAWL”)

We kick off a theme next week focusing on women lawyers and unconscious bias. Join over 140 legal professionals in the NAWL group on Connected. Network with other NAWL members, share and download special content, and discuss relevant issues. Join the NAWL group today.

Check out this content from the NAWL group:


Find Something to Say

Lawyers never seem to be short of words or arguments (it’s in our blood), yet so many lawyers have difficulty in writing engaging content for their clients because they think either write about new developments in the law (interesting to lawyers; not always so with clients) or think they have nothing to say. Martindale.com Connected member and Principal at Legal Circles, Shelley Dunstone offers a practical approach to writing for clients. She says:

“The issues that interest lawyers are not the same as the ones that interest clients. Instead of using the law as a starting point, start with an issue that you know is a common problem for your clients. If someone is going to read your article or pay attention to your presentation, they need to know from the outset that it is going to be helpful to them.”

Read Shelley’s six points for success by clicking here.


Must Read Post for Lawyers Who Love iPads (or want one!)

Not since the Blackberry came on the lawyer scene has a piece of technology so changed the way lawyers work. The iPad has made “office-on-the-go” a reality, and as many lawyers adopt the iPad into their practice, figuring out how to make it all work can be a task in itself. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Martindale.com Connected member and Shareholder at Winstead PC, Keith Mullen shares his iPad best practices and some of his favorite lawyer apps.

Read what Keith has to say about making the iPad work in your practice.


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