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by Joseph Walsh on April 22, 2011 · 2 comments

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Whether you’re celebrating Passover or getting ready for Easter, I hope you had a fantastic week. We here at martindale.com Connected had a lawcastic week ourselves. Yes, I said lawcastic. How could I not considering the great multimedia content we posted to our community this week, namely the two latest editions of our martindale.com Connected Lawcast interviews.

First, as part of our Pro Bono event, we posted an interview with Tony Lu, Pro Bono & Special Initiatives Coordinator at Pro Bono Net. Tony discussed some of the interesting findings from the recently released LexisNexis/Pro Bono Net survey that examines legal professionals’ motivations for doing pro bono work. You can listen to the Lawcast interview and download the survey white paper today.

As part of our ongoing Legal Hold event, you now can listen to the Lawcast interview with Joshua P. Rosenberg, Esq., senior director of strategy and operations at LexisNexis, and Michael R. Arkfeld, Esq., speaker, author and consultant. Joshua and Michael discussed, among other things, how corporate legal departments deal with the legal hold process, what happens if this process isn’t followed properly and the role technology has played in streamlining this important process.

While you’re listening to the Lawcast interview, be sure to join the Corporate Lawyer Network Group so you can access all of the blogs, forums and special downloads that we’ve included as part of our Legal Hold event.

Speaking of downloads, there has been an array of white papers and articles uploaded recently to Connected that you can download today. Some of these include:

You can download these white papers and articles, and hundreds of others, by joining martindale.com Connected today.

Coming Next Week…

This week was lawcastic, and I have no reason to think next week will be any less impressive since we’ll be hosting our Unbundling Legal Services event. The event will be led by Stephanie Kimbro, author of the new eBook, Serving the DIY Client: A Guide to Unbundling Legal Services for the Private Practitioner, which now is available as an exclusive download inside Connected for a limited time only. Download the eBook today and then join the Unbundling Legal Services Group to be part of next week’s activities.   

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