Counting Traffic to Legal Directory Sites

by Rocco Impreveduto on May 16, 2011 · 1 comment

in Legal marketing

With claims continually flying around the Internet about which legal site has the most traffic, we wanted to clarify the facts of consumer traffic at

With regard to consumer traffic to 

  • is a consumer-facing site intended specifically for consumers to find a resolution to their legal situation either by researching their issue or finding a trusted attorney who can help them. 
  • According to the latest data from WebTrends, a leading Web site analytics firm:
    • delivered more than 22.5 million unique consumer visitors to its site in 2010 and nearly 26.2 million consumer visits total.
    • In 2011, is averaging 2.4 million unique consumer visitors and 2.5 million consumer visits per month.

 Based upon this and data reported by other consumer legal sites, we believe this makes the most popular online resource for consumers to find a lawyer.

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