Consumer Reports and iPhone 4: A Lesson in the Challenge of Change

by Mike Mintz on July 15, 2010 · 0 comments

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iPhone 4 launched to critical acclaim.  Fan boys drooled over it (myself include).  Normal people said “that’s cool.”  Lawyers finally thought they might trade in their Blackberrys … okay maybe not, but you get the point.  It was big, and Apple seemed to have a sure thing.

Then Consumer Reports said, “don’t buy it.”  The Internet lit up with analysis, commentary, outrage, and panic, while consumer chaos ensued.  It was only a little problem with the antenna, which Apple claimed could be easily fixed with some scotch tape, a paper clip, and McGuyver-like skills.  Despite the iPhone 4 being one of the most gigantic technological leaps forward in mobile devices (since the last iPhone of course) the reports taught us a very important lesson about change: it’s not always as smooth as you had hoped for.

Change is good, and with change comes challenges.  It’s been about three weeks since we relaunched a new Connected and even though the site looks like a rock star’s candy cane, the leap forward in legal networking has not come without kinks, one of which is our ability to update editorial areas on the home page.

While the Develop Team works out this little bug, I didn’t want the Connected Community or any of you out there in Internet Land to be without regular updates, and so this post addresses the challenge  of our recent change and provides you with some great information about things happening in Connected (you don’t even need McGuyver-like skills to get with it).

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Global Lawyer to Lawyer Referral Market Webinar Replay

If you couldn’t attend, or if you want to watch it again, the recording of the Connected/Lex Mundi Global Lawyer to Lawyer Referral Market webinar from June 29 is now available.

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How Lawyers Can Work Smarter

With the launch of Connected, community manager Mike Mintz shares three features he really likes in the new system, and explains how lawyers can use them to work smarter by replacing old tasks with new network tools.

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How to Use Our Enhanced Search

Looking for a specific person, firm, group or topic in Connected? Now it’s easier and quicker than ever before to find exactly what you need, thanks to Connected’s search enhancements. Not certain what you are looking for? The enhanced auto-suggest feature will help.

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