Connected Groups – Confidential and Secured areas for Professional Networking or Great Way to Promote Ideas, You Decide!

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Connected Groups were launched exactly 3 months ago on 23rd February, and ever since they have been growing so rapidly that they have quickly become one of Connected’s most luring areas -  a confidential space for professional networking as well as an extremely useful tool to spread your word and ideas. Every day sees the creation of new groups, including:

  • Alumni Groups
  • Corporate Groups
  • Association Groups
  • Social Media and LawyerTech Groups
  • Area of Practice Groups
  • Non Profit Groups
  • etc

Connected Groups have been used in many ways since launch. In their core, Connected Groups are built to be either completely public and open to all, or create a confidential space where others can join, read and contribute to the group only by invitation or by requesting to join the group. This allows the Owners of the group to decide whether they want to use Connected Groups to promote an open discussion and idea among other members, or enabled confidential and secured spaces for controlled and private discussion of legal issues, content sharing pre or post conferences and meetings etc.

Making connections with your closer and wider network and using secured and private space to promote conversations with no time and location limitations are a valuable and rare tool to be found in the growing web, and it has been a great pleasure for me to see this notion accelerates and grows in Connected. I am curious to see how and where Connected Groups develop to and invite you to join or create a Group to share that experience.

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