Connected Event: Standardizing Litigation Guidelines (A Case Study in the Insurance Industry)

by Mike Mintz on February 17, 2010 · 0 comments

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For the last week of February, we are presenting an event called “Standardizing Litigation Guidelines: A Case Study in the Insurance Industry.”

After three years of collaborating with hundreds of insurance companies and corporations, law firm lawyers and general counsel, litigation and risk managers, and adjusters, Council on Litigation Management proudly presents their litigation guidelines standardization project.  The goal is to earn industry wide adoption of these guidelines in the insurance industry.  The best practices and policies for lawyers managing litigation matters are being presented to 350 insurance companies in the organization to ratify without change and apply to corporations that have large insurance programs.  As Adam Potter, CLM’s founder and executive director, said in an article at the project’s launch, “insurers spend tens of billions of dollars a year on outside counsel.  By working together, we can provide a better way to manage resources and achieve better results.”

Register for our Webinar: Join us for a 60-minute Webinar at 4:00 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, February 24.  We will discuss the Council on Litigation Management report detailing their three year collaboration effort with hundreds of insurance companies, corporations, law firm lawyers, general counsel, litigation and risk managers and adjusters.  The drafters will discuss:

  • What was the problem we were trying solve?
  • How did CLM go about finding a solution?
  • What does that solution mean for the insurance industry and the wider legal community?


  • Adam Potter, Executive Director of CLM
  • Drafters of guidlines: Domenick DiCicco Jr., Christopher A. Carucci, and John Mannato

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010


1:00 pm Pacific
2:00 pm Mountain
3:00 pm Central
4:00 pm Eastern
9:00 pm GMT
9:00 pm UK

Duration: 60 minutes

What are you thoughts on Standardizing Litigation Guidelines?  Check out this heated discussion in the CLM group on Connected (registration required; don’t worry, it’s free!).  Also, go to our Event page to see a profile on Adam Potter, Executive Director of CLM.

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