Cocktail Party Chatter, General Counsel Waitresses, and The Missing Link

by Mike Mintz on December 23, 2010 · 0 comments

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Here’s what you missed this week on Connected.

The Martindale Mike Podcast – “Getting to the Truth One Lawyer at a Time”

Think Larry King Live for lawyers meets The Daily Show.  The Martindale Mike Podcast, hosted by yours truly, invites the best legal minds to talk about hot legal issues and asks them to leave out the boring parts.  In our first episode, Ron Coleman, head of the intellectual property practice at Goetz Fitzpatrick LLP, and author of the award winning blog Likelihood of Confusion, discusses COICA, the controversial new act before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which if passed will authorize the Attorney General to seek injunctive relief against the web address or domain name of any website that is “dedicated to infringing activities,” resulting in confiscation (“civil forfeiture) of the web address by the government and the shutting down of the site by the Internet Service Provider.  A major component of the proposed act includes a watch list (AKA “a black list”) that will list suspected sites prior to the government instituting any formal legal proceedings to shut down the site.  Is this McCarthyism all over again?  Listen to the podcast to find out.

The Legal Ethics of Cocktail Party Chatter

Just in time for the holidays, this podcast features three lawyers from around the country who, interestingly enough, went to high school together.

  • Carl Aveni – a partner at Carlile Patchen & Murphy, LLP in Ohio who specializes in Litigation
  • Geoff Casavant – attorney and president of Geoff R. Casavant P.C. in Texas who specializes in Probate
  • Jack Cahill – a lawyer from Oregon

They discuss the doctrine of cocktail party chatter, which is important for every lawyer to be familiar with, and answer questions like:

  • How bad is it to give legal advice at parties or social gatherings?
  • What are the limits of what you can say without an ethics violation?
  • Which ethics rules come into play and how can lawyers avoid ethics traps?
Find out what they had to say, and listen for an unexpected response from one of them to the question “what’s the worst experience you’ve had with being prodded for free legal advice.”

General Counsel Waitresses – Life Outside the Law

As the year comes to a close we wrap our our last theme, Life Outside the Law.  It has been an amazing two weeks with contributions by some great and talented lawyers.  Here are a few of the guest posts you may have missed:

My Other Passion: How Waitressing Affected My Entire Life – General Counsel of New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., Bobbi Sue Hazard writes:

I remember being thrilled when I found this nail polish by OPI a few years back called “I’m not just a waitress.”  That phrase had become my mantra at that point in time.  I was fresh out of law school, degree in hand, license to practice on its way (and then eventually in hand) with no legal job prospects on the horizon.  I returned to waitressing when I moved back to Massachusetts as a way to make some “extra” money while studying for the bar.  I never thought it would be my full-time job for the next two-and-a-half years.

She goes on to share three important life lessons.  Find out what they are by reading her post.

Two Practices, One Life: Why Your Life Outside The Law Matters - General Counsel of Leprino Foods Richard Russeth writes:

My practice is important to me.  I am up just about everyday at 5 AM working to build that practice. Get better at it. Take it further.  It’s a solo practice in case you were wondering.  No partners – and I like it that way. Yes, I practice yoga for a solid hour every morning, rain or shine, barring the usual scheduling problems of life.

Richard goes on to share about how yoga is his antidote for toxic things in life, many of which are prevalent in the practice of law.  Find out how yoga has tremendously impacted his life as a lawyer.

Other posts included:

The Missing Link: How Lawyers Are Failing to Maximize Public Relations in Their Practices

Public Relations expert Paramjit Mahli shares some real pearls of wisdom in her comprehensive blog post on Connected.  She writes:

The old adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same still holds some truth. Public perceptions continue to have a strong hold in society. Visibility and credibility still go a long way in cementing business relationships and deals. Yet many law firms still don’t quite embrace public relations initiatives. The mystery about what public relations is remains. Far too many attorneys fail to understand how public relations works. Wrong assumptions are made such as thinking that an advertisement promoting the firm counts as PR or that only lawyers who do high-profile litigation cases receive media attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every day hundreds of small- and medium-sized law firms are quoted in widely read publications, raising awareness of their firms and gaining credibility as experts in the marketplace. Firms that don’t realize this suffer from missed opportunities to attract new clients.

Find out some key strategies in taking advantage of PR opportunities for your law firm.  Read the rest of Paramjit’s article.

Connected Approaches 40,000 Members

At the time of this writing, Caitlin Devlin just became our 39,919th member.  We are slowly trending to break the 40,000 mark by midnight, December 31st.  It would be great to see a big push in the final week of the year and have that milestone blown out of the water.  So how about it?  Will YOU be our 40,000th member?

That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.  Happy Holidays everybody!

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