Sometimes it’s nice to receive some good advice for free. Whether it’s heartfelt counseling from a trusted friend or a kind word from a stranger, wisdom can come from everywhere. This week, Connected members have had more than their fair share.


“Giving to get”

Shelley Dunstone

Shelley Dunstone, Principal at an Adelaide-based legal consultancy, shared her advice on improving relationships with clients, colleagues – even  acquaintances.

Shelley relayed some advice she’d received from a mentor, paraphrased to, “Always provide something helpful to every interaction, even if you expect no return. Holding back your knowledge is counter-productive.” Great advice. You can hear more from Shelley and join the discussion in Connected here.


Want to serve your clients better? Let them serve themselves…

Earlier this week, Stephanie Kimbro Esq offered some more free advice by releasing her new ebook, “Serving the DIY Client: A Guide to Unbundling Legal Services for the Private Practitioner” available exclusively in Connected as a free download here:

Stephanie Kimbro

As Stephanie states in her ebook,

“We live in a do-it-yourself (DIY) society. Consumers are comfortable going online to handle business and professional transactions….The rise of the DIY client and the increase in the public’s desire for online legal services are encouraging the growth of unbundled legal services.”

If you’re a Private Practioner, solo lawyer, or small firm, Stephanie’s ebook may just be the edge you need to get ahead in this increasingly important area.


Free visual guide to 23-free employment law resources

A final piece of free support comes in the form of a map. A visual map to be precise, that presents 23-free employment law resources on various LexisNexis sites.

You can download the free visual map from Connected. If you’re not already a member, you can register today. Registration is, you’ve guessed it, FREE.

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