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If you are a law firm or a lawyer listed on, you may often wonder “What can I do more to increase my rankings in search results and come up higher on the first page when someone searches at” We get so many questions every now and then with regards to this and we understand the concerns as these are directly correlated to the number of leads your firm gets from prospective clients. So instead of responding these to individuals one off, here are some of the best practices you can follow. All these best practices are based on a simple logic – it will assist users (“the user”) to find the best legal help based on their search criteria.

Complete your profile and keep it current

Brian Salmanowitz in his post highlighted some key points on how to build your profile. Its very crucial to understand that it’s in your favor to have a complete and current profile. When a search is performed, we look into your profile data to see if the search text is present. If it is, your profile will surface on the search results. Less data you have on the profile, lower are your chances to come up in front of the prospective client. So go ahead and use Client Service Center or and complete your profile data.

Now let me take an example to explain how critical it is to keep the profile data current. Say you are a law firm specializing in the area of Bankruptcy among other areas of practice. You recently expanded your staff to include a lawyer who specializes in Banking Law. However, you failed to update your profile to include this information. Corporate Counsels when searching for law firms specializing in Banking Law will not find you on by using the Area of Practice criteria in the advanced search. Same thing goes for lawyers as well. Say you moved from location A to location B and you did not update that information on You will not only get inundated with wrong email and phone leads but will now miss out on much need correct leads.

Invite your peers to rate you

Why? Because we give more relevance to lawyers who are Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review rated. Similarly for law firms, we give more relevance to those firms that have peer review rated lawyers. We do this because Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings help our users looking for legal services to identify, evaluate and select the most appropriate lawyer for a specific task at hand. Without ratings, users will have no way of differentiating between two lawyers who practice in the same area of law and are located in same zip code.

So if you are not Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review rated, get rated as it will benefit you in more ways you can think of. So far we have over 300,000+ peer reviewed lawyers.

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Encourage your clients to rate you

Users of looking for legal help always appreciate what other consumers of legal help think about the lawyer or the law firm. Subsequently we give higher ranking to lawyers or law firms that have Martindale-Hubbell Client Review Ratings. So if you are short of Client Review ratings, you will get bumped for others who have Client Review ratings. Moral here is – get your clients to rate you as it will only benefit you. So far we have collected over 10,000 client review ratings.

Showcase your expertise via Legal Library

Users looking for legal help love to see articles authored by law firms or the lawyers. It helps them decide who the subject matter experts are in certain area of practice they are seeking help in. As a result we give higher ranking to lawyers and law firms who have published articles on Legal Library. To date there are over 40,000+ legal articles that have been uploaded by the legal community. So if you have missed out on this, it’s not too late. You can use Client Service Center to upload legal articles.

Register to Connected

Having a profile on is great. It will get you leads from prospective clients. However, if you want to showcase more of your expertise, we recommend you join Connected. It will enhance your profile with an element of dynamism. Users are interested getting a 360 degree review on lawyers before they make a decision on who to hire. They want to know about lawyer’s background, hobbies, interests etc.  They are looking for lawyers who are involved in a legal community, answering questions of legal matter via discussion forums, etc. You can accomplish all this by joining Connected.

Make connections and expand your network

If you as a lawyer have more connections and subsequently bigger network, we will rank you higher than other lawyers who have less number of connections. We deem having a bigger professional network as being more sought after, more influential and subsequently more relevant to the user.

Provide Diversity information at Firm

If you are a law firm, provide your diversity information as it helps our users to make decisions on who to hire for legal services.

You can never predict what and how the user will search at or elsewhere say at If you are one of the results, what you can do and control is to follow these best practices which will help you get closer to the top of the search results page and subsequently more email and phone leads, profile views, and click-throughs. Then the only thing remaining is to hire someone to respond to prospective client calls and emails.

Let us know how these recommendations are panning out for you. We are eager to hear from you!

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nice points listed.. “Without ratings, users will have no way of differentiating two lawyers who both practice in same areas and are located in same location”- its true.


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