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Welcome to “The Best of Connected,” August 2009, week 2.

Below you will see different member posts and articles from the community that I found interesting.  If you like what you see, click through the link and leave your comments.

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Best File Posts:

What is your Firms Social Media Strategy? in the Social Media Policy Group Group – this presentation identifies the different modes or methods organizations can use as launch points for social media leverage.  Currently, we most often identify using social media as a brand-building experience but there are many more opportunities and strategies available for organization.

CEE research: How in-house counsel in Central & Eastern Europe select and retain their external counsel posted in the  CEE Research Study Group.

Pamir Law Group – Pre-Merger Notifications for M&A in Taiwan FAQ in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group – this article discusses the mandatory merger notification regime in Taiwan and covers threshold tests, filing procedures and answers to otherfrequently asked questions.

Best Groups:

Career Building (Lend a Hand) – we blogged last week about all the special guest blogger posts happening in this group last week and it doesn’t stop there.  The LN Lend a Hand program, which gives free marketing and career development services to lawyers in transaction, has extended registration through September 30th, legal career expert Ron Fox just posted a Connected-only version of his post “The Need for Lawyers to Rebuild Their Self-Confidence,” and we are watching the membership continue to diversify and grow.

Council on Litigation Managementit took home a “BeCon” award last week for having a surge of membership and activity after closing it’s Linkedin forums and moving all CLM forums to Connected.  This week, CLM made the group public (any Connected member can join), found great ways of using the forums with posts asking for experts, referrals, and advice, and posted exclusive content to their group.  With a membership of 4,000+ this organization is emerging as a must-join group for corporate counsel, private practice lawyers, and anyone else dealing with litigation (perhaps experts should go to as it seems there are lots of calls for your services there).

Applied Discovery – this group promises to be one to watch.  Powered by content from their extensive online library the lawyers at Applied Discovery are reaching out through the channels in Connected to engage members to share their own discovery best practices.  A description from the group:

Back in 1998—before there were true e-discovery solutions—a few frustrated lawyers sketched a business model on the back of a napkin over dinner: a plan for electronic discovery, a better way. Applied Discovery grew from there, and ever since we have focused solely on tackling the challenges legal professionals face in e-discovery. Applied Discovery has handled thousands of the largest and most complex cases in federal, state and local jurisdictions, and has thousands of satisfied clients to show for it.

We are happy to partner with Martindale Hubbell Connected to share best practices and exclusive content with Connected members about the latest e-discovery solutions.

How can you argue with that?


Connected members can check out David Cho’s profile for a great example of an effective corporate counsel profile in Connected.  He is a General Attorney of Trademarks & Copyright at AT&T Services, Inc.

The Need for Lawyers to Rebuild their Self-Confidence

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