Best in Groups 2009 – LexisNexis Communities Year-in-Review

by Mike Mintz on December 23, 2009 · 0 comments

in Martindale-Hubbell Connected

As we noted in yesterday’s post, the next two weeks are dedicated to celebrating the members of Connected.  Today we will talk about the Best in Groups.  Connected members can access the links below, and if you are not yet a Connected member, you can sign up for free (quick tip: we validate every registration to create a trustworthy community so use a work email if possible).  And now for the best in groups 2009 …

Council on Litigation Management (CLM) – after moving their Linkedin group to Connected, CLM has been steadily rebuilding with a growing membership and a lot of posts in this public group.  Started by Adam Potter the group has over 190 members and will be our focus group for a February 2010 theme called Standardizing Litigation Guidelines: a case study in the insurance industry.

Social Media for Lawyers – this group has exploded during the month of December with our theme “2009: the year social media changed how lawyers do business.”  With over 210 members now in the group there is plenty to choose from.  The most commented discussion on Lawyer Networks had 50 responses, and you can find other great posts like, “Social Media is Nothing New” by Lisa Salazar, Legal Dilemmas of Social Networking (Parts 1 to 3) by Donna Seyle, and one of my personal favorites Nintendo and Social Media for Lawyers by Adrian Dayton.  This group has many other “legal heavies” in it and is sure to continue growing in 2010.

Legal Marketing – law firm marketing guru Mark Beese took an interesting concept and blew it out of the water: host guest forums virtually in this group’s discussion board.  So far he has attracted talks like Law firms restructure for future marketplace gains, The future of law firm marketing (parts 1 to 4), and The most-wasted space on a law firm Web site: Attorney bios.  We hope that Mark keeps up this momentum in 2010, especially after the site re-design as the discussions in this group have been compelling content indeed.

Pro Bono Net – the dedication of blogger Pam Weisz to the mission of Pro Bono Net on Connected is fantastic.  “Pro Bono Net is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to justice for the disadvantaged,” and Pam does a great job bubbling up posts and content that anyone who wants to get involved with pro bono work can benefit from.

Social Media Policy – as one of our first groups to host a “theme month,” the SMP group quickly became a must stop destination for anyone advising companies about social media.  Under the leadership of James Wong, corporate counsel from Chiney Capital, the group quickly flourished to include X members.  The file library includes resources like Social Media Policy Template, ACC Paper on Social Media Policy, and Top 20 Rules for Social Media Engagement.  Also, you can expect to see this group get very active in 2010 as it will host our upcoming theme Navigating the Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media.

Lex Mundi Connected – run by Kristin Turnak, this group serves the needs of Lex Mundi members and non-members alike.  In Kristin’s own words, “Lex Mundi is the world’s leading association of independent law firms and has gathered 160 premier firms in more than 100 countries.  Indigenously entrenched in their local jurisdictions, Lex Mundi member firm lawyers can unite you with their in-depth local market knowledge and strong ties to their legal, political and business environments.”  As the group has grown to over 70 members and has consistent postings.

Trust and Estates Law – started by “the Linkedin Lawyer” David Barrett, this group is about to hit the 100-member mark.  With posts like Naming Your Trust as the Beneficiary of Your Retirement Plan and Model Will Provisions Pertaining to Cremation any lawyer who deals in this subject is sure to get something out of this popular group.

CEE Research Group – the Central and Easter Europe (CEE) Research group is for those who want to do business and practice law in this region.  This group has so much information with posts like Preliminary findings from the 2009 survey of Heads of Legal Departments in Russia regarding how they are managing the economic crisis and Fixed fees, rates with a cap, increased or frozen rates – what’s your perspective for 2010 for law firms and their clients in CEE? you are sure to find something to discuss here.

Succeeding in today’s legal market: tips for counsel and law firms – this group lead by E. Leigh Dance takes an interesting approach: they host bi-weekly moderated discussions where Leigh posts an insightful commentary and solicits feedback from members.  Some of her posts have included: NEW POST: TIPS ON MANAGING & MOTIVATING IN-HOUSE LAWYERS IN THIS CLIMATE, How Law Firms Can Resource Projects Better: What’s Working for Clients Lately, and DEFENDING YOUR CORPORATE LEGAL DEPARTMENT BUDGET.  With over 175 members in the group already we can expect some great things from it next year.

And there you have it – the groups and people behind them.  We’ll be taking a little break over the next few days from our year-in-review as everyone celebrates some well-deserved time off.  Next week we will begin by highlighting those groups that are the “ones-to-watch” in 2010.  Have a great holiday!

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