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by Manish Bhargava on July 29, 2010 · 0 comments

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Have you ever performed a search on and got nada results? I get a feeling that you are nodding YES. So have I. Have you ever thought why that is so…perhaps you mis-spelled the lawyer or the law firm name or there is  really nothing that matches the entered text in our database which is pretty rare I should mention as we have over 1 Million lawyer profiles, 40,000+ legal library articles, 800+ user create groups and tons of forum discussions.

Worry no more as with the new redesign release announced earlier this month by Jon Lin, we have made search little smarter and transparent. We made our Auto correction feature more visible. Along with that we added a Did you mean feature as well. You can experience these features in Groups & Topics category search. Soon we will roll out similar enhancements to People and Law firms & Organization categories. Let me elaborate on these two features -

Auto Correction

We made our search engine little smarter by recognizing user mis-typed words, auto correcting them and showing results that match the auto-corrected words. This we do only when we fail to find any results in our vast database that match the mis-typed word(s). I should note that our search engine behaved this way earlier as well (prior to redesign) but our users could not realize that as we kept it hidden and showed the results for auto-corrected words without even telling them. With redesign we made this feature more transparent. Lets take an example to understand this better.

Say you are an In-house counsel and you are looking to do some research on a firm – Proskauer Rose LLP. You decide to use (Wise decision!) and look at the firm’s profile. You want to do some more research just to be sure. So you turn to Groups and Topics category hoping to find all the Legal Library articles authored by that law firm. In the Single search bar, you type in ‘Proskaur Rose’ and then click on Find Library Documents for Proskaur Rose… link from the Auto suggestion.

Single search for Proskaur RoseYou will get 376 results which includes articles authored by Proskauer Rose LLP. But wait a minute! You accidentally typed in Proskaur Rose instead of Proskauer Rose but you still got the results for the correct firm. Notice the message at the top of the results. It says that the engine did not find anything for the entered text which was mistyped but it auto-corrected it to Proskauer Rose and returned 376 results for it. Isn’t that a useful information?

Search results for Proskauer Rose LLP

Did you mean

This is yet another feature to help our users get more suggestions based on what they typed. Our search engine may provide you with additional search terms that you may be interested in based on what you are looking for. This happen only when the number of results based on original entered text is less than 20. Lets take an example to understand this better.

Say you are a private law firm lawyer and you are looking for contributions by another attorney whose name you think is Jonny. So you type in Jonny in the Single search bar in Groups and Topics category and hit the search button. In addition to displaying matched results (only one in this case), our search engine will also recommend Johnny in the top message box – Did you mean Johnny? Why? Because the search engine returned only one result for Jonny which is less than 20 and it found way more results for ‘Johnny’ which closely resembles ‘Jonny’. Clicking on the name will result in running another search for Johnny.

Did you mean Johnny?

So go ahead and search for what you are looking for at knowing that there are features that will help you get to your destination quicker. Let us know what you think.

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