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Tweet Would you even consider citing to Wikipedia in a brief or other legal document?  Well, Federal Appeals Courts have cited to it nearly 100 times in the past 5 years according to The Wall Street Journal Law Blog. The Law Blog decided to research this trend after the recent decision of the Richmond-based U.S. […]


Tweet Do you dread giving presentations? Are you terrified of oral arguments? Have you tried nerve-calming techniques that do not work for you? Of course we all want to do well and that’s usually the problem.  We’re afraid of failure, of not knowing the answers to questions, of forgetting something, of losing the oral argument. […]


Tweet Shortly after expressing his hope  that a federal judge would encourage the use of predictive coding for e-discovery, U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck did so himself.  In fact, he has ordered it in Da Silva Moore vs. Publicis Groupe et. al., a Second Circuit Title VII gender discrimination class action case. And, more […]


Tweet Personally Identifiable Information or “PII” as it is commonly referred to includes any information which may be used to uniquely identify, locate or contact a single person, either by itself or when combined with other sources. As you might know from personal experience, some sellers request the buyer’s zip code when conducting a credit […]

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TweetIf you’ve been involved in international civil or criminal proceedings, you might have had trouble obtaining potentially relevant materials. This is no surprise because some countries are very protective of their or their citizens’ privacy. Additionally, others don’t enforce or don’t have relevant laws. LawTech Europe Congress 2012 is a conference dedicated to the discussion of […]


Tweet With so many online and mobile communication channels, you could substantially increase your client base by keeping up with the technology times.  Consider your potential and current clients’ preferences and convenience. Then, keep them in their comfort zone with options such as these listed below. Apps: With the popularity of mobile apps, many clients […]


TweetNo matter how hard we try to remain in our client’s good graces, inevitably some will be unhappy with our legal services. Even if we did nothing wrong, we still need to deal with these situations properly. Taking the steps listed below will increase the chances that your attorney-client relationship will become even stronger and […]


TweetLegal departments of all shapes and sizes strive to be more productive. While some professionals have an innate knack for getting things done, other very talented staff members may struggle with keeping on task. In today’s world of greater demands and lesser support staying on target can mean the difference between success and failure for […]


TweetLawyer blogging presents challenges that laymen do not face. In most cases, you can avoid running into trouble by using common sense and patience.  Most of us have heard that timeless phrase: “think before you speak.” Think before you blog! Before you submit a blog post ask yourself if it contains any of the following […]