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by Jon Lin on July 28, 2009 · 1 comment

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Search has always been a central part of the experience.  If you are like most of our users, you come to to search for a lawyer or law firm.  What you may not be as aware of is the breadth of other resources right at your fingertips, including over 30,000 legal articles and best practice documents written by law firms, 5,700 legal job postings, and over 100,000 profiles of legal experts, consultants, and service providers – if only you could search for them easily.

To solve this, we are in the process of a complete upgrade of the search experience on and Martindale-Hubbell Connected, but instead of waiting until we had the whole thing figured out and developed, we decided roll out a few enhancements that we thought could make an immediate impact.

Single Search Box

Our current Lawyer Locator search interface on the homepage requires you to enter search terms in a fielded form.  Due to the ubiquity of Google, web users have increasingly come to expect a “Google-like” experience when searching.  Enter a string of keywords into a single search field and the search engine should bring back all of the relevant results.  This single search box is now an option that we provide our users.  Not only will users be able to search for lawyers and law firms using this search box, but they will also be able to search legal articles, jobs, and legal experts from almost every page on the site. single search box

In addition, we saw in our statistics that users often come to with a particular person’s name in mind.  To make this process more efficient, we developed type-ahead functionality for the search box that suggests people as you type into the search box.  If the user selects one of the names suggested in the list, the user will be taken directly to that person’s profile page.

Type ahead

Connected Member Search

For those of you who are members of Martindale-Hubbell Connected, you’ve probably experienced first hand how difficult it is to find another Connected member.  We’ve heard this from users and I’ve experienced this firsthand.  In this release, We’ve indexed all of our members’ profiles so users can now use the single search box when signed into find fellow members.  We’ve also indexed all of the content in members’ profiles so that they can be found even if the search term matches something in their hobbies section.

So, go ahead and explore these new search enhancements and let us know what you think!

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