ABA 3rd Annual Top 100 Blawg Awards Include LexisNexis and Other Connected Members!

by Mike Mintz on December 17, 2009 · 2 comments

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Whether you call them “blogs” or “blawgs” (clever name for law blogs), the ABA Blawg 100 is a good list of the best in breed.  We are honored to once again to be among those recognized.  The LexisNexis Legal News & Litigation Podcast made the list for the Top 100 Blawgs for 2009.  Voting is currently underway to select the Top Blawg within 10 designated categories.  We won the #1 recognition last year after voting ended.  Join us in recognizing the excellence of the LexisNexis Legal News & Litigation Podcast by registering and voting now! (Don’t be intimidated by registration – it is simple and only takes one minute).  Voting ends December 31st.

We are happy to report that many members of the Connected community also made the ABA Blawg 100 list.  The rest of this post is dedicated to them and their achievements.   Below is our tribute to them and their amazing achievements in blogging.  Those of you reading who are members of Connected can click on the profile badge for each entry to view the nominees’ profile in our community and congratulate them personally.

Bob Ambrogi

Bob Ambrogi – The Legal Blog Watch (Legal News)

my profile badgeBilled as “the first one on the news scene,” The Legal Blog Watch has been a consistent source of legal news, picking stories that are engaging and thought provoking.  He most recently provided excellent Twitter coverage of our Future of the Legal Industry (FOLI) event.  Bob is truly a progressive voice in the legal community and we wish him the best of luck in the voting.

William Henderson

William Henderson – Empirical Legal Studies (Legal Theory)

my profile badge A blog that evaluates emerging legal scholarship and provides digestible posts that create good discussions among readers, the Empirical Legal Studies blog will give you lots to think about.  Named as one of the 2009 ABA Legal Rebels, William is a new member of Connected, has joined our Future of the Legal Industry (FOLI) group  on Connected, and we look forward to see his scholarship in the community over the coming year.

Leora Maccabee

Leora Maccabee & Niki Black – The Lawyerist (Careers)

Niki Black

my profile badge There are a group of bloggers on the Lawyerist, and we’re proud to say that the posts by Leora and Niki rank among our favorites.  From Leora you can expect  posts such as Twitter-my profile badgesourced bar exam advice in 140 characters or less and Legal marketing ethics in a Web 2.0 world, which are fantastic reads.  Niki has posted some classic Lawyerist pieces including Start a blog get a job and Use Twitter lists to stay current.  Niki also participated in our webinar, “Positioning yourself for tomorrow’s social media today: Practical approaches for legal professionals,” and Connected members can read her Member Spotlight Interview.  They are both key members of Connected, and we hope to see them active in the community in 2010.

Mark Herman

Mark Herman – Drug and Device Law (Practice Specific)

my profile badge The Drug and Device Law blog hit 1,000 posts this year.  Written from the, “personal views of various topics that arise in the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation,” the blog has been noted for it’s off-topic posts which generate visibility among the blawg-o-sphere.  Mark’s blog is currently mirrored in Connected and he was one of our early members.

David Harlow

David Harlow – HealthBlawg (Practice Specific)

my profile badge David Harlow is a health care lawyer and consultant who has worked in the public and private sectors for the last twenty years.  On the HealthBlawg he posts about health care legislation and regulations (federal and state), and will comment on innovations in public health in the private sector.  He has been a member of Connected since the summer of 2009, joining the groups Health Care, ADR, and Social Media for Lawyers.

Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy – DennisKennedy.com (Legal Tech)

my profile badge With great posts dating back to 2003, DennisKennedy.com takes a fresh look at technology and the practice of law.  As a regular contributor to the ABA Journal’s tech columns, Dennis knows his stuff and engages the audience, (I recently commented on a post he did on Google Wave).  He also provides readers with polished pod casts such as,  Bulls and Bears: Lawyers Using Social Media and Email Etiquette 2.0, and a collection of microposts (tweets) on his regular blog for easy viewing.  As a new member to Connected we hope to see Dennis bring some of his innovative thinking to our community.

Richard M. Georges

Richard M. Georges – FutureLawyer (Legal Tech)

my profile badgeRegular updates about everything tech make this blog a frequent source for lawyers wanting to know about the newest gadgets.  Richard tends to talk about things tech whether relevant to lawyers or not, but his quick style and short posts make FutureLawyer very readable and accessible regardless of your role in the firm.  A long-time member of Connected, Richard has a mirror to his posts in the community.  We wish him luck on his Blawg award.

Tom Mighell

Tom Mighell

Tom Mighell – Inter Alia (Legal Tech)

my profile badge This is a blawg about blawgs.  Tom does a daily post highlighting the posts of other blawgs that he thinks are worth reading.  He also does a weekly newsletter talking about other topics, but it is the promoting of others that makes Tom a “Trust Agent” in the legal world.  As Connected transforms next year with an emphasis on content we’d love to see more of Tom’s candid posts in the community.

Kevin O'Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe – Real Lawyers Have Blogs (Legal Tech)

my profile badge With one of the best titles for a blawg ever, Kevin O’Keefe posts about how lawyers can improve their business by getting some blogs.  With law blogs passing the 6,ooo mark this year, his crusade seems to be working and we have plenty to choose from.  His company LexBlog is helping lawyers to leverage Twitter and Facebook as well.  We hope Kevin will join our discussions in late-January about Navigating the Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media and wish him the best of luck in the running for top honors on the Blawg 100.

Rex Gradeless

Rex Gradeless – The Social Media Law Student (Legal Tech)

my profile badge I first met Rex on Twitter and became one of his 80,000+ groupies.  His site, the Social Media Law Student is a staple in the social media world with insightful posts chock full of information.  He recently participated in our webinar “Positioning yourself for tomorrow’s social media today: Practical approaches for legal professionals,” and we did a Member Spotlight interview with him which members can read in Connected.  We look forward to great things from Rex in 2010 and if you are hiring for anything to do with social media give this guy a call – he’d make a fantastic addition to a large law firm marketing team willing to take some risks.

Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert, Lisa Salazar, and Toby Brown – Three Geeks and a Law Blog (Legal Tech)

Lisa Salazar

my profile badge Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a law librarian, an internet marketing manager, and a head of marketing and knowledge management walk into a blog … The three geeks or the “dynamic trio” succeed because they put up posts like  Don’t Bury Them …These Blogs Are Still Breathing! and Fishing in the Social Media Ocean, informative, well-written, with a splash of humor.  They recently presented in our webinar “Positioning yourself for tomorrow’s social media today: Practical approaches for legal professionals,” and we have Member Spotlight Interviews on all three geeks available for Connected members to read.my profile badge

Toby Brown

Toby Brown

my profile badge

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine

Larry Bodine – LawMarketing Blog (Business of Law)

my profile badgeProviding comprehensive resources to law marketers, Larry has been a consistent voice in this space for years.  He gained a bit of notoriety this year when he went anti-Twitter, a move that other law marketers could hardly believe, but Larry knows how to “fill the seats,” so to speak when it comes to getting attention for a topic, and isn’t that what marketing’s all about?  An avid commenter within Connected, Larry brings the same fire and passion from his blog and other web activities to our community.  We’re glad to have him and wish him the best of luck in this category.

Reese W. Morrison

Reese W. Morrison

Rees W. Morrison – Law Department Management (Business of Law)

my profile badgeAfter serving as a consultant for “hundreds of law departments over 23 years to help them better manage themselves and their law firms,” Rees certainly knows what he is talking about.  His blog, Law Department Management, is influential required reading for anyone looking to know about the business of law.  A long time member of Connected, Rees helped get the network started by providing mirror blog posts within the community.  As we complete our transformation in Q1 of 2010, we hope that Rees will continue to be a vital member, particularly in our new, upcoming Business of Law Community.  He is a Princeton, NJ native, which makes him okay in my book, because my sister lives there and we grew up in the next town over.

Dan Harris

Dan Harris

Dan Harris – The China Law Blog (Geo)

my profile badgeWith the rise of the dragon over the last few years, timely, reliable, and in-depth information on the legal landscape in China has been in big demand.  Lucky for us Dan Harris and his co-blogger Steve Dickinson have got this beat covered.  With recent posts like China as Distribution Center Explained and How Not to Get (China) Internet Scammed, readers certainly get their fill for visiting the blog.  A new member of Connected, we are excited to see Dan lead the proliferation of user generated content on international issues, and wish him luck in his category.

Daniel A. Schwartz

Daniel A. Schwartz

Daniel A. Schwartz – Connecticut Employment Law Blog (Geo)

my profile badge Dan Schwartz comments on all things CT employment, providing good resources and links for readers to get more information.  According to Schwartz the blog  “discusses new and noteworthy developments in employment law in Connecticut,” and for the last two years has become, “a place where those items are discussed, debated and explored.”  He welcomes comments and seeks dialogue with the many readers who have viewed the blog.  A Connected member since the summer of 2009, we look forward to seeing more of Dan’s posts and work in the New Connected, especially with our Labor and Employment Law Community that will be a main part of the site in the summer of 2010.

So there you have it, the Connected members up for Blawg Awards in 2009.  Good luck to everybody and we look forward to seeing great things from you all in 2010.

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Mike Mintz wrote onDecember 17, 2009 at 4:24 pm

LOL – sorry about that Rees – I’ve fixed your name on the post. Looking forward to seeing you in 2010.


Rees Morrison wrote onDecember 17, 2009 at 1:32 pm

Very nice write up and thanks.

Somehow, my parents dropped the “e” at the end of my name and I have never recovered.



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