A Lexis Movie, Back to the Future Marketing, and Ninja Lawyers

by Mike Mintz on November 18, 2010 · 0 comments

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Here’s what you missed on martindale.com Connected this week:

A Lexis Movie

I will be the first to admit it, when I saw the preview for a LexisNexis movie called “The Counselor: W. Hayes” a small part of me died.  A line of questions formed demanding answers: what is Lexis thinking making a movie?  Is this just ANOTHER marketing move to get us in with the cool kids?  Is this thing going to be a big lump of cheese?  Then I watched Episode 1: The Lead.

Bravo.  Really, truly, honestly, I actually liked it, found the story interesting, and despite a number of LN branded product placements AKA shameless plugs (can you count them all? I’ve got the pen, the notepad, the coffee mug, the app …) this thing is really cool – especially when the video stops at a key point of the story and let’s me choose what I want the character to do next (I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid!).  The next installment, Episode 2: The Trail is “coming soon” (inside sources say Monday, Nov. 22) and I am really, truly, honestly excited to see what happens.

So why is Lexis doing this?  Glad you asked; the movie is a new way of introducing customers to three innovative products: Lexis.com iPhone App (Episode 1), Lexis for Microsoft Office (Episode 2), and the new enhancements to Lexis.com (Episode 3).  “It’s about delivering better outcomes for our customers,” says Bev Pruden, Vice President of Marketing, and by introducing the products with an interactive, online legal thriller, Lexis is taking an innovative step towards showcasing innovative products (and here you thought it was just a movie!).

Check this thing out, and let us know what you think on our Connected thread about the video (also tell us what LN shameless plugs you found – see mine above!).

Back the the Future Marketing

Whenever I get asked questions like “what will the legal industry look like in 20 years,” all I can think about is that we are almost at 2015 and still have not seen the hover board that Marty McFly rides in Back to the Future 2 (come on innovative science types – the clock is ticking – you’ve got 4 to 5 years left to make it happen).

Community Manager, Joe Walsh obviously does not have the same problems I do in talking about the future, as he put up the post “Five Years From Now, Legal Marketing Will …”  Fill in the blank.  He’s got a few answers so far, mostly what you’d expect (nothing like “all legal marketers will ride firm branded hover boards to work), and we need some more answers on this one.

Post your “fill in the blank” to Joe’s thread.

Ninja Lawyers

Some definitions from Dictionary.com:

Ninja: a member of a feudal Japanese society of mercenary agents, highlytrained in martial arts and stealth (ninjutsu), who were hired forcovert purposes ranging from espionage to sabotage andassassination.

Lawyer: a person whose profession is to represent clients in a courtof law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters.

Ninja Lawyer: a general badass at the practice of law who knows how to get stuff done

Okay. I made that last one up. But when I think of a “ninja lawyer,” it’s someone who knows the tricks of the trade, has the discipline and experience, and can accomplish almost superhuman feats all in the span of what normal people might call “a day.” How can one work like a ninja lawyer?

Read my post on Connected “Lawyering Like a Ninja: How to Achieve Flow in Your Legal Practice” for my top three tips on becoming a master killer in your law practice.  Add your tips to the list if you got ‘em

Other Stuff

There were a bunch of other posts worth getting into as well, such as this one “Title Insurance Ticking Sound: Identify Continuing Title Obligations of the Borrower – BEFORE you foreclose or accept a deed in lieu” (say that one 10 times fast without your head exploding!),  “Inmate Suing Prison Over Lack of Movie Choices,” and “Brand Management in Canadian Law.”

That’s it for today’s Connected Round Up.  Members can get in on these discussions and more by clicking the links and commenting.  Non-members can check see all these discussions, but need to register to comment – it’s 100% free.

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